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October 18, 2020

Even though all of the bands spotlighted this week fall into different genres, they all hit hard for their listeners. If you enjoy music that's nu-metal, alternative rock, or death metal, you will enjoy the bands covered. One that is picking up quite the attraction is...

October 11, 2020

If you're into bands that produce aggressive music to benefit a cause, this week's bands are the ones for you. For interviews, The SoundChick spoke with Sanity/Switch and Chariot Arcana this week. Both of these bands write music to help bring awareness to topics such a...

October 6, 2020

 The SoundChick will be taking some time off The Mosh Pit podcast for a few weeks. However, I strongly encourage listeners to continue tuning in. My awesome co-host, Wes Everett, will be rocking it out solo. His shows are great, and he will be featuring a lot of cool p...

October 4, 2020

If you prefer music on the heavier side of the scale, this week's features are the ones for you. For this week's interview, The SoundChick spoke with the hard rock band, NeoNera. During this discussion, the listener can get a more in-depth look at what it took for the...

September 27, 2020

The SoundChick featured a few bands this week that will leave you wanting to get rowdy with this music. Included in that are two interviews and two reviews. All of these artists fall into genres that will satisfy avid listeners of hard rock and metal. For those who che...

September 20, 2020

The SoundChick posted two interviews this week that feature some great musicians. For Atlanta locals or avid rap listeners, check out the follow-up interview with NATE The Martian. This discussion is an in-depth look into his recent release, Heartbreak Radio. This albu...

September 14, 2020

This week The SoundChick provided its viewers with a few reviews. These cover bands within the hard rock and metal genres. Artists featured are NeoNera, Mortyfear, and Mother's Attic. Listeners would be satisfied with these songs if they're fans of Finger Eleven, Guns...

September 11, 2020

 The SoundChick has officially partnered with Misanthropik Records to bring to you the best metal has to offer. The SoundChick is proud and excited to be a part of the Misanthropik family. Please stay tuned for  future artist interviews and music reviews featuring this...

September 10, 2020

The SoundChick and Wes of The Mosh Pit Podcast have interviewed members from First To Eleven and Edge of Paradise. These bands are for anyone who enjoy rock and metal music, or enjoy female-fronted bands in general.

Edge Of Paradise will be featured on September 17...

September 6, 2020

The SoundChick had some exciting interviews and reviews posted this week. Bands covered this week include Council, The Guillotines, Breakthrough Even (ft. Christina Rotondo), and Funeral For Two. The SoundChick tried to post something everyone would enjoy this past wee...

September 4, 2020

This week's episode of The Mosh Pit podcast features two segments: 1) an interview with The Guillotines hosted by The SoundChick, and 2) Wes speaks with the owner of R&L Studios down in Rockmart, GA. This episode is exciting and is filled with some great laughs. Fans g...

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“I think it's great what you're doing. I'm on a podcast myself. It's really important to help out all of these unknown and unsigned bands. Just try to push them up and give them support, and encouragement. So, I'm all for this"

-James Orez, vocalist of Escape To What

"Thanks for the wicked review. I'm speechless."

-Adam Loback, vocalist of HIGHFRONT 

"Thank you so much. I really appreciate any support of my artists."

-James Moore, Independent Music Promotions

"I've worked with many people before, but nowhere near as talented or as professional as The SoundChick. If you're looking for an in-depth music reviewer, check her out. She knows her stuff, and if she doesn't, she'll research until she does."

-Wes Everett, host of The Mosh Pit podcast

"We can't say thanks enough for supporting 'Marty.'"

-Tony Ford, guitarist of Planet Waves