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Self Discovery EP

Actions Speak Louder

After the first five seconds of the first song, I knew that this was going to be a really great EP. Most EPs are usually not great. However, this was a different experience. The sound, the vocals, and the lyrics were quite impressive. I honestly didn't stop playing it for a whole week, it was that catchy.


The lyrics were great. They were relatable, and that is a key theme you want in your music, especially if you're within the heavier genres of music. You could feel the emotions of sadness and anger strongly through the lyrics, and that resonates well with the key listener of this album. After hearing the lyric pattern within this EP, it has gotten me excited to hear more albums and works produced by the artist.


I really enjoyed the vocal style and pattern throughout this EP. Byron Peck does amazing vocal work throughout the album, that you anticipate every song. His vocals harmonize perfectly with the instrumentals of each song. I was truly impressed with how much talent was put into this EP. I look forward to listening and reviewing more work from this artist.

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