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About That Life


This album is the first album that got me into Attila. I'm not all that into bands that mix metalcore and rap withinin their music, but I would have to say that this band did an overall solid performance within this album. Though the messages throughout the songs may not be my ideal favorite, the album as a whole is still pretty good.


Chris Fronzack, the band's lead vocalist, has an amazing talent. He is able to use his voice in such a way throughout these songs, that it really adds an intense emotion within them. At first, I didn't particularly favor his vocal style, but as I continued to listen to the album, his vocal talent actually enhances the songs. The instrumentals are my second favorite part of this album. I love the intensity and power the band conveys through their lyrics, instrumentals, and vocal style. Their talent really increases the value of this album.


The only negative thing I would have to say about the album is, I really didn't favor the lyrics. I know that a lot of people do follow this band, so I won't be too harsh on them, however, the lyrics really only try to convey two things. And that is to party and to not care about other people. Their lyrics just wouldn't be my favorite. Other than that, the album was awesome. 



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