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Avenged Sevenfold

This is probably the saddest and my personal favorite album produced by this band. While writing this album, the band's drummer, Jimmy Sullivan, passed away. Although the band could've scraped the album and the final work of the drummer, they pressed on and produced a killer album.


The last song Sullivan recorded with the band was, "Fiction." For obvious reasons, this song hits a little differently than other tracks on the album. It's one of the last tracks on the album. This I feel is symbolic for multiple reasons. it could just be a random order the band chose to put the album together. Or they could've placed it last as, "the album is over, and so is The Rev," sort of a thing. Either way, the album does produce this angst-driven music, while encompassing this eerie feelings as well.


I was actually expecting some sort of dramatic downfall in the band due to their situation, but they held themselves together through it all. And you can tell throughout the album within the lyrics that each member is never going to leave eachother, not now and not ever. That's another reason why I really love this album. 


Overall, this album is amazing. 

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