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Waking the Fallen:Resurrected

Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold "resurrected" their past album, Waking the Fallen. Included in this album were live performances and 8 new tracks from the band. Honestly, I had never listened to this album, but was expecting greatness. The album definitely achieved that.


I loved how the cover art of the CD had all of the band members when they were younger, and adored the picture of remembrance to their fallen member, Jimmy Sullivan "the Rev." I thought that was really great of the band to do, given that they had already done a tribute song to Jimmy in their latest album, Hail to the King.


Now, moving onto the music. I absolutely loved this album, including the live performances and the new tracks. They were amazing, but every Avenged Sevenfold song I've listened to is. The vocal style and lyrics of these songs remind me much of past works done by the band. Nothing too unique to notice about them.


My favorite part of the album was definitely the instrumentals. They were unique compared to any other of their past songs, and were great. Tie the instrumentals with the vocals and you've got a great album.

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