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Low, But Looking Up

Better Anyway

Fasten your seatbelts, because Better Anyway has released their second EP. Low, But Looking Up is a concept piece detailing about being in dark place, but always holding onto the hopeful future. Of course, with this type of music, the listener should be prepared to hear energetic and emotional music. However, this band incorporates their own style into this genre. Not only that, but avid pop-punk fans will be stoked to hear features from Kramer Welker (You Vs Yesterday) and Tyler Albertson (Homesafe). Low, But Looking Up is just what the edgy kids need today, and Better Anyway kills it. 

The vocals within each track do not disappoint here. Better Anyway's vocalists Marvin Jackson, Chris Botkin, and Nick Burkhard do a great job at meshing their vocals well with one another. Their talents produce a range of unique sounds throughout each song to make them stand apart and draw the listener in for the long haul. The way the band does this provides a unique and effective listening experience, and it's definitely one fans can sing along to. Especially with the addition of Welker and Albertson. The inclusion of these two vocalists gives it the unique and edgy vibe this EP needs, and it works perfectly. 

Members showcase a great skill of equilibrium between serene and accelerated influences for the pop-punk genre. The more calm tracks off this EP are placed beautifully, and carry the emotions behind the songs in a more serious manner. This alerts the listener to pay more attention, and often draws out their own feelings as they hear the lyrics flow into their ears. If you are a die-hard pop-punk listener, Better Anyway will satisfy you with their unique style. Those that stood out to me the most are "Afterthought," "I Can't Say This to Your Face," and "Stargazer." 

"Afterthought" is the track off this EP that has a feature from Welker. Emotion felt most while listening to this EP is mostly dejected. "Afterthought" breaks through with aggression, and relates to that irritability one might feel if they were going through a break up. Of course, this is one of the more heavy-hitting songs the listener can hear, and it packs a mean punch instrumentally. The energy built up in this track is strong. This is definitely one I can see myself in the pit, jamming to at a live show. 

"I Can't Say This to Your Face" and "Stargazer" are the two calm tracks the listener can hear. As mentioned before, due to their subdued sound, their emotion and meaning carry greatly. "Stargazer" especially alludes to the overall title and reason behind this EP, as its looking up towards the "hope." Their beauty shines bright in this project, and Better Anyway produced and placed them within this EP effectively. 

Low, But Looking Up is the reason I needed to make Better Anyway a band I stream daily, and I'm sure you will feel the same. If you're a fan of A Day To Remember or The Story So Far, this one is for you. 

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