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Wretched & Divine

Black Veil Brides

This latest album by the band is my favorite album by them. It is so different and unique compared to their previous two albums. The band is really stepping out of their original style and I really like it, more than their original style actually.


I really do hate that most of their fan base has left the band because of their change of style. I don't think it's fair to a band that does have as great of a talent as they have. Plus, the change was needed and worked well for Black Veil Brides. Change is inevitable, however, the loyal fans will stay through it all.


Many things are obviously different within this album. For example, the vocal style of Andy Biersack is so unique within this album. His vocal style and the change to a more hard rock sound really makes me enjoy listening to the band more.


What shines bright for this album is it's similar to GreenDay's American Idiot. Within the 13 tracks on this album, they all follow a story. This is changing up the listening process for a fan, as they can follow along with "characters" in this album. I think that with a story being involved and it being so moving, it enhanced this album greatly. Overall, this was a great album produced by Black Veil Brides.

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