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 Bleach Boy

Haley Pearl | November 5, 2020

Please take the time to listen to some of the work done by Bleach Boy before continuing on.

Shitpost: the Album by Bleach Boy (2018)

"SMD" (Prod. CRYSTAL BEATZ) by Bleach Boy (2018)

Shitpost Review:

True dedication and music are so hard to come by these days. However, when you discover it, it is like you've found the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. SoundCloud rappers don't have it easy. I mean, does anybody have it easy in the music industry? It's dog eat dog out there, and we're all on the prowl for stardom and success. Bleach Boy takes being a SoundCloud rapper to the next level in the projects he has released. By now, I assume and hope you've taken the time to listen to some of the work he's released to the public. I know that for some of you, this kind of style is not your cup of tea... however, this is my two cents on his work.

Bleach Boy admits in "Shitpost Explained" that there is a Parental Advisory for a reason, and boy is that reason so prominently stated throughout the entire album. Shitpost: the Album and "SMD" takes the listener on an apathetic journey of many rants and jabs at others who are also in this struggling music scene. If you like rap battles and dis tracks, this just might be the ideal music for you. Or if you like to party. Definitely listen to it if you like to party. Listen, I've heard several artists who are on SoundCloud. Some of them hit the mark, and others fail to impress. Bleach Boy definitely impressed me. He's one of a small handful (at least in my opinion) that show true talent and dedication through their work on SoundCloud.

You can hear so clearly the inspirations of different artists through this music, and Bleach Boy's unique style is what brings his music together, and brings it to life. For example, I could hear a Chris Fronzack (of Attila, Fronzilla, and Bone Crew) kind of style throughout several of the tracks on the album. So, if he's someone who already sparks your interest, give Bleach Boy a listen, and I promise you won't be let down. Who knows, you might actually like a SoundCloud rapper for once... and I think that's pretty cool. We all need support when we can get it. 


Yesterday (November 4, 2018), I had the opportunity to speak with Bleach Boy. This was honestly one of the better interviews I've down with an artist. I could actually feel the motivation and interest in music making throughout the words that flowed from Bleach Boy's mouth. It was one that took me on a journey and could understand more what goes on in the SoundCloud music scene, and not just his personal life. Give it a read, it's interesting.

When did you first start doing your music on SoundCloud? What motivated you?

Bleach Boy: So, actually funny story on that. Originally on Instagram, I came up through the vape community, because I thought, "Oh, I'll be a vape promoter, and brands will give me free juice and shit." But anyway, some SoundCloud rapper dude came on my account in my comment section and said, "Hey, you need to check out my music." I checked it out and I really didn't like it that much, and it turned into this one big Internet fight thing. I challenged him to a rap battle and he just declined, but another SoundCloud rapper came on. I challenged him to a rap battle and he was like, "Yeah, dude, I'll rap battle you." He released a track called "Murder," and my "BWTF" was actually a response to that. I recorded that in 30 minutes, and made the beat and everything in an hour. So, it's pretty garbage. But after that, I was like, "Well, that took me an hour to do, so I can do this pretty easy." And it's fun, so I wanted to make a whole album out of this.

I've talked with a few SoundCloud rappers and I've heard different opinions from them when it comes to the stigma of SoundCloud. Do you feel like the stigma of being a SoundCloud rapper is more positive or negative?

BB: It's definitely negative, because 99.99% of SoundCloud rappers are trash. Like any 12-year old with an iPhone could be a SoundCloud rapper. Getting anyone to listen to your music is like so insanely difficult, because no matter how skilled you are [or you think you are], you're just going to be like, "Hey I'm a SoundCloud rapper," and they're just going to be like, "Uhg, cringe." It's difficult, but as soon as you can get people to listen and validate you, and be like, "Hey you can actually listen to's not garbage." But, yeah, there's definitely a negative stigma.

Do you want to do this long term?

BB: That's an interesting question. I'm doing it right now, because it's fun and I'm having fun with it. But there's going to be a point where if it doesn't go anywhere, I'll probably just drop off. But as long as I'm having fun, I'm going to have minutes on SoundCloud.

Is there any particular reason you write the songs that you write? What do you want to bring to the public?

BB: So, when I make music, I'm heavily influenced by bands like Attila and Falling in Reverse, and everything. It's doesn't really have a point or anything. It's just like good time, party music that doesn't make any sense. It's more about having a good time, so I'm not trying to send a message, especially with the album Shitpost. It's just word flow.

I've listened to both Shitpost: the Album and "SMD," and they both have unique styles. Can you dive in deeper on what it was like working on these projects?

BB: Well, I mean, it was pretty wild. I'm working two jobs right now, I'm a full-time student, and I have the musical going on. I would find a beat and listen to it a couple of times. The couple of hours that I have in my free time, I would start making beats and free-styling', and be like, "You know what, that would make a pretty good song, I'm going to do this." So, I just wrote a song, hammered it out in a couple of hours, ya know? 

Do you have any upcoming music news you would like me to release to the public?

BB: Well, first of all, I'm working on Shitpost: Round 2. I'm working on having more features and guest spots on that, because I think that's what the first one lacked; it was just me. Also, what you can tell the general public: next time you try to pick up a girl at a bar, tell them to listen to Bleach Boy. They will be so impressed by your music game, that they will automatically assume you have a bigger penis.

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