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Bring Me the Horizon

Sempiternal is my favorite album produced by the band. I absolutely loved the new style change the band makes throughout the album. It's unique and creative, and it works well with the individual talents of each members of the band. 


Of course this album takes you through an emotional whirlpool, mainly staying within anger and saddened emotions. These songs really hit hard for the fans, and they became popular instantly. This is due to the band producing great, hard-hitting breakdown material as usual. Especially within tracks such as "Can You Feel My Heart," and "Shadow Moses."


If you watch the music video for "Shadow Moses," you might be abl to recognize something familiar. Oli Sykes does the "Lucker stomp" during this video as a memoriam to Mitch Lucker who passed shortly before this album was released. That alone shows the true meaning of these lyrics and the emotions that went into producing this album.


 I'd definitely recommend this album to anyone who has previously liked this band.

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