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Black Veil Brides

Knowing my love and passion for this band, I heavily anticipated listening to this album as soon as it came out. I even bought and reviewed two of the songs that were made public and available to Youtube, Spotify, or Itunes early. I really enjoyed "Faithless" and "Heart of Fire" when they first came out, they both made me want to listen to the album that much more when it would come out.


When the album came out, I listened to the album up until the fifth track. I really didn't like it. I was mad I didn't like it, because I love the band that much, it was a real "Debbie-downer" for me not to like the album. However, I gave it a few days and decided to listen to the album a second time.


I enjoyed it the second time. I'm not sure what made me hate it the first time, all I know is that my mind changed. This album is so different compared with all of their past albums combined, especially Wretched and Divine: Story of the Wild Ones. It's actually starting to become my second favorite album of theirs.


In this album, Ashley's voice is more present than in most albums, and I personally believe that it was a wise call for the band to make that decision. Ashley has an amazingly talented voice, and I definitely enjoyed getting to hear more of his talent throughout this new album of theirs. Along with Ashley's voice, Andy's vocal style in this album is different and unique. I definitely like the new style and technique that band went for with making this album. I do know that some people were upset at the band for changing their style and look, but I personally think it's better, and to know the story behind the reason makes it all the better. 


This new album, as mentioned, as a new style and sound. With their past album, Wretched and Divine: Story of the Wild Ones, the band's fans were made aware that this might be the first, but not the last time that the band's sound might sound a little different. I heavily believe that the band's third album was a pivotal point in their album writing and that it was a forshadowing of what was about to come with their latest album now, BVB IV.


I'm not disappointed with the band's changes, I approve of them. A band wouldn't be a band if they didn't experiment with different sounds or techniques, so I definitely respect Black Veil Brides for standing up to the hate and continuing to make the music that they enjoy making. 


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