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Self-Titled Debut EP

Cold Sin

Cold Sin, an uprising nu-metal band, bursts through the walls with their recent self-titled debut EP release. If you enjoy concept pieces, or high-energy music, this project is the one you should blast next. The songs off this EP reflect some intense and personal emotions that were brought up within Jason Harris' [vocalist] life. With these tracks, fans are sure to face their own emotions, and feel empowered that they will overcome any negativity in their life. 

Harris and bandmate, Riley Kirkpatrick make an excellent team that is creating great music through their collaboration. Harris' vocal ability and capability to produce strong connection to the listener through his lyrics, matched with Kirkpatrick's sick instrumental abilities shine bright on this project. The tracks and overall layout is well executed, and it packs a mean, yet awesome listening experience. In a recent interview with Cold Sin, Harris and Kirkpatrick discuss how the recording and writing process actually drew out those feelings and certain pain again. If you listen closely to the songs off this project, you can hear just what it took for these members to produce this.


One of the key components to this EP is how these tracks were placed. Of course, there's an intro track, that fills the silence with intrusive and overthinking thoughts. Immediately after, "Chasing Perfection" slams hard when it comes to the instrumental structure. It fits in well after the intro, and definitely shocks the listener. As the tracks continue playing, the emotional intensity continues to grow, with "Mona" being the concluding track. This is arguably one of the most emotional tracks I've heard in a while. It covers some deep, personal connection with Harris' grandmother and her passing. This song stands out as well, because it's the softest song featuring only Harris. The scream at the end is sure to leave fans with goosebumps, too. Due to the passion Cold Sin brings to the table here, this makes these various tracks that more significant. 

My favorite tracks off the EP are "Letting Go" and "Numb Sick." The topic of them is one that resonates with me the most. Because this flows as a concept piece about someone's life trauma, it's to no surprise each song feels connected in a way. "Numb Sick" and "Letting Go" come across as the beginning and end to a particular emotion or event. "Numb Sick" starts this journey off with being at the lowest you could ever get, with no hope. It's filled with anger, as there's frustration in feeling like you're truly alone in the world. However, as the song comes to an end, and you listen to "Letting Go," there's a growth and improvement moment. This highlights that while one might suffer immense doubt in life, it always gets better. It's no secret that exceptional thought and care was put into each and every song off this project. This is definitely a band that is willing to go the lengths to succeed and bring heavy-hitting music to the nu-metal scene. Don't take my word for it, listen to the EP and check out the Behind The Track discussion with Harris below for "Numb Sick."


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