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The Resistance:Rise of the Runaways

Crown the Empire

This album is the first album I've listened to of Crown the Empire, but won't be my last. I absolutely fell in love with this band with just one listen of this album. This album has so many characteristics that I think enhance the quality of the album and make the band a greatly talented band.


This album reminds me so much of the latest album from Black Veil Brides. Both albums tell an amazing story, and both stories are perfect for the band. The story works well and ties together perfectly within the album. The album takes you on kind of an emotional journey. It's a unique and creative concept I believe bands should be considering more for their albums.


Vocalists, Andy Leo and David Escamilla, are absolutely a perfect pair together. I couldn't think of any two vocalists to pair with each other. Their style and technique work well with the other remaining aspects of the albums, and greatly enhance the quality of themselves as a band.


My favorite part of the album would have to be the lyrics and the instrumentals. The lyrics of the album were just beautifully written and sung. And singing those lyrics with the instrumentals, it was perfect. I definitely loved this album.

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