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Taking the listener through themes such as exploring the nature of the universe and morality of actions, Isochron succeeds the expectations of the listener and leaves them wanting more. With every song spanning 6+ minutes, the listener demands a phenomenal listen every time, and this is exactly what Isochron  provides. Tracks filled with the band's hard-hitting sounds met with beautifully composed melodic styles, help signify the meaning behind each song. This is an album you're going to want to check out if you're into the progressive death metal scene. 


Songwriter Kimmo Raappana outdid himself on this album, as every song is filled with in-depth lyrics that help to express the true meaning behind the album. These lyrics will ultimately call for a head bang, but can leave listeners deep in thought after listening to Isochron. These lyrics shine bright through the vocal style of both singers on this album, Ville Männikkö and Eetu Pylkkänen. These aspects met with the unique instrumental style worked amazingly for this album. The melodic style integrated into these songs were placed at the best times. If they were not there, I don't believe the album would be heard the same. I was thoroughly impressed by all members' commitment on this album, as it left me eager to hear more from the band. 

Two tracks that stood out to me on this album were "The Chain" and the title track "Isochron." Within these two songs, one can hear the aspects listed above the best. "Isochron" especially helps to close out this project well as it encompasses the album meaning in full. That being said, every song is quite appealing to the ear. I would highly recommend it if you're into concept albums met with head-banging sounds. 

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