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These three combined albums are the latest albums produced by GreenDay. Now, I will have to say that I was a little disappointed with these albums. However, with the state of the band's lead vocalist, Billie Joe Armstrong, I do understand and see how these albums fell so astray from their past works.


Because I'm disappointed in these albums, does not mean that all of them, as a whole, were bad. There were just significant and noticeable differences within these three albums, which definitely led to them sticking out like a sore thumb. Some of these differences would be that they have reached a more pop-punk genre style rather their traditional angsty punk productions.


Despite that, the band still maintained their reputation for great punk music. Their vocals, lyrics, and instrumentals still had great qualities needed in a punk band, their new style just produced these qualities in a different way than they had before. Even though it might be difficult to watch your favorite band change, the loyal fans will always stay and accept that their idols are growing within their passions. Green Day's lyrics are still great, they're just filled with angst. Overall, these albums were good, just not my favorite works produced by this band.

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