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Hall of the Elders

I had the chance to talk to a few members of the band and buy this CD from them while waiting in line to see a show. I really liked how they were selling their music to those waiting to get in to see a show like everyone else. I also really enjoyed talking to some of the band members, each of them were really cool and great to talk to. 


I honestly was a little skeptical listening to this CD for the first time. There's always the risk of getting a rising band's music and having it be a total fail. However, that wasn't the case with this band. I really enjoyed listening to this CD. So much so, that I haven't had it off of play for three days in a row.


The band's creativity within this album is perfect. I love the vocals done by Mark Jackson in this album, definitely my favorite aspect within this entire album. Another favorite would have to be the programming done. It's perfect and it works well with the songs they had written.


I'm looking forward to hearing more from the band and seeing them live hopefully sometime soon, they seem like they would be a great band to see live. I know their music had some great moshers that would be killer to see live. I'm definitely glad I gave this album a listen. 

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