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The Destroyer of All Things
Kamikaze Zombie

One word to describe this album is supreme. It truly encompasses the "horror crossover" theme that Kamikaze Zombie wishes to convey. Taking a look at the title, one might assume that this album might hit a little differently, and it does. The Destroyer of All Things incorporates several themes throughout this album, one of which would be serial killers. So, if you are a true horror fanatic, you will definitely enjoy this hard-hitting, chilling album. 

The opening track on the album, "It Watches," shines bright on this track as it sets the tone and mood for the rest of the album. Continuing the listen of the album, each song encompasses a different horror theme. This definitely keeps the listener on the edge of their seat with anticipation for the next song. 

Similar to the different lyrical-subject themes to the songs, there are different influences on the vocal and instrumental end as well. For instance, you can hear thrash, post-hardcore, and melodic hardcore influences within the music. Versatility is what I like to hear in music, and Kamikaze Zombie definitely shows it. I find it to be refreshing to hear so many different styles in an album, and it definitely worked on The Destroyer of All Things.


Clint Spain's vocal talent also stood out on this album. The versatility and style he produces within these tracks helped solidify that eerie tone that was necessary for an album such as this one. Several of the tracks even include audio from horror films, children singing, women screaming and distraught, etc. So much went into the production of each song, and I was impressed with every track on this album.


Hearing a horror-based album can be a bit different as one might be more used to watching rather than head banging along to it, however, this album shows that it is most definitely possible. It shows that a band can produce a great product no matter the subject. If you're up for the scare, I'd listen to this album.

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