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Lucifer's Decent

Luce Signiferum

If you're into black metal, Luce Signiferum should be your next favorite band. The band's members know how to have fun, while seriously producing the best hard-hitting music possible. Not only that, but Luce Signiferum bring a lot of unique aspects to this music scene that many black metal bands don't. With Lucifer's Decent's thunderous noise, it's without a doubt that you will be growling along to this band's music. 

The band's vocalist, "Christpuncher Dom Satanas", does a phenomenal job within this EP. One of the noticeable differences for this band is the vocal style. For instance, throughout this EP, the listener will get a taste of some aggressive gutturals. This isn't heard in many black metal bands, however, it definitely works for Luce Signiferum's music. It helps make the experience a bit more theatrical, and it's the perfect amount of chaotic. 

Hard-hitting and intense is the best way to describe the instrumentals for this EP. For anybody who is an avid listener to this genre, they will greatly appreciate what the band has done here. Luce Signiferum's members also bring some new aspects to this genre instrumentally. For example, the band tends to use sub-drops. This is a technique most black metal bands wouldn't use, yet work well for this band. The percussion done by "Svarog the Hammer of the Legion" is what I favored instrumentally. His drumming was spot on and booming throughout the various tracks. Mixed with the band's music are various sample tracks. This definitely helps to showcase the band's skillset here, and the sample tracks used were placed correctly and flowed in the best way possible. 

Out of the tracks on Lucifer's Decent, my favorites were the title track and "Freezing Moon." These two songs showcased the band's talent in the best way possible, and listeners can hear the various aspects as listed above. The title track introduces some classical and melody into the music, which is heard primarily in the beginning of the track. Not only that, but the instrumentals heard here by far exceed expectations and have me wanting to start a riot as the song progresses.


The EP closes out with a cover track, "Freezing Moon." This song was originally performed by Mayhem. It's an understatement to say that Luce Signiferum excels with this cover. They absolutely crushed it by putting their own spin on it, and fans are sure to enjoy it. With a fierce closing, it will leave the fans eager to hear more. I think it's safe to say anyone who listen to Luce Signiferum is sure to head bang along to some epic music. 

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