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NATE The Martian

Haley Pearl | September 14, 2020


PC: NATE The Martian

Interview 1: July 1, 2020


A debut album announcement and a little freestyle, that's what you get when you speak with NATE The Martian. Never underestimate an outcast, because people like Nate will show you up. Listen to this interview to take a journey into the process of how this rap artist finds inspiration to create music through imagery and synesthesia. Who knows, you might add NATE The Martian to your daily rotation. 

Interview 2: September 14, 2020

The SoundChick followed up with NATE The Martian to discuss his latest album release, Heartbreak Radio. Nate discloses in this interview the meaning behind HBR, and what it took to work on such a project. Not only that, but we take a closer look at three core songs off this album: "Dirty Balloons," "Wheels," and "Peach Addiction." If you enjoy rap or concept albums, definitely take a listen to this second interview with NATE The Martian. 


Heartbreak Radio (2020). PC: NATE The Martian

Heartbreak Radio Album Review:

I've been listening to NATE The Martian for a couple of years now, and it would be an understatement to say how much growth I can hear within this latest album from him. Heartbreak Radio is one of the more brilliant concept albums I've listened to. This album is about a past relationship Nate was in, and through releasing Heartbreak Radio is how he gets to tell his side of the story. It's detailed and listeners truly feel like they're living vicariously through his lyrics within this album. 

Throughout this album's story, there are some great additions that help solidify the various tracks. For instance, there are some vocal features from artists and friends, and there are some new techniques NATE tries both vocally and instrumentally. Not only that, but the pop culture references help guide the listeners along throughout the story Heartbreak Radio tells. Because this album is about a past relationship, it's brilliant Nate uses his ex's voice within the album. It truly helps bring the album to life, and works well to convey the story. 


Lyrically, Heartbreak Radio is supreme. Every track tells a story of a specific time of this relationship. While listening, it actually can feel like gossip, as the listener is constantly getting new information with each track. Just like a good book, you're not going to want to stop listening. I've never had a rap album move me in such a way with its lyrics. I was impressed by how much thought and care was placed into each track. You could really hear the dedication throughout Heartbreak Radio. This is what heartbreak was to NATE, and I'm glad he opened up so that the world could hear it. 

Instrumentally, I am surprised by what NATE The Martian did with Heartbreak Radio. If you have been a long-time listener of his, you would be able to tell clearly how much he has grown musically throughout this album. He's trying new techniques and beats, and it works for this overall project. It's always refreshing to hear an artist actively try out new things with their music. This allows for the listener to remain on the edge of their seat with anticipation with every listen. The beats mixed with the vocal talents within Heartbreak Radio reign justice. After listening to it, I anticipate more great things from this rapper. If you enjoy rap or want something fresh, please take a listen to this album. It will be worth your time. 

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