Martyrs and Madmen

Over the Edge

I have had several requests to write a review of this album or anything done by this band, and I put it off for a while. I honestly wasn't looking forward to listening to the music of this band at all, and I judged them based on their genre, alternative or punk. I realised that this wasn't an appropiate way to judge a band, especially with not even hearing anything from them yet, so I finally decided to write a review of their latest album. It took me a couple of listens to the album for me to fully get into it. Even though I don't always listen to this genre of music, I did enjoy it. Listening to this album definitely wasn't a mistake. 


I think the leading aspects to this band and album, would have to be their instrumentals and vocals. I really didn't see any interest in their lyrics, but I really loved the rythm of each song off of that album. The instrumentals and vocal styles of the album are what kept me listening to the album. They were unique and solid, and are what led the album to success. If you haven't listened to this album yet, I'd definitely pick it up on Itunes, especially if you're into alternative music.