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Laws of Aggression 


I hope you have your tickets, because Psychosane takes you on a trip through Hell with Laws of Aggression. Listeners of this EP will have their horns in the air. It is safe to say that the anticipation for new releases is on the rise when it comes to Psychosane. 

The EP starts off with "Bordello's Hell," a brief intro into what the listener might expect. Starting off with this track is key, especially considering the way it was produced. With sound effects, such as motorcycles, bar-like sounds, and more, it makes the listener truly feel like they're on a trip to Hell with Psychosane. 

Immediately after "Bordello's Hell," the album opens up to neck-splitting sounds that beg for the listener to raise their horns and head bang in salute to some great music. Vocalist Marcelo Seabra shines bright in this EP, as he produces that authentic metal sound. The vocal style is not too heavy, but just enough for the average hard rock or metal listener. The instrumental style exceeded expectations as well, as they helped empower the vocals throughout each track. In addition to that, the versatility of every artist was showcased well throughout the EP. Every song produced a unique style different from the last, and that made for a refreshing and exciting listening experience. 

Out of Laws of Aggression, "Aggression" and "Hellhound" were my favorite tracks to listen to . "Aggression" being the second track in this EP definitely made for a strong beginning. The key components to this track are the instrumental style. Throughout the song, drummer Robertto Jean has a pulsating beat. This made the song that more aggressive and pleasurable to the listener. 

"Hellhound" is a great track off this EP. In addition to Psychosane's members, Marcelo Oliveira Filho, bassist of Violência Moral (Moral Violence) joined in this song. With Filho's talent on this track, it opened up a new sound. "Hellhound" had more of a melodic style to it, and that set it apart from the other tracks on this EP. This made for a refreshing song off Laws of Aggression

With all being said, I would highly recommend this band and EP to listen to. It produced several techniques and stylistic choices within the production of these songs that provides something for everyone who listens to the heavier genres. You will not be disappointed with Laws of Aggression

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