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Self-Titled EP


Sanity/Switch comes in with a sonic boom with their self-titled EP that indicates nu-metal is alive, and it’s here to stay. With this project, the band takes their listeners on an epic nu-metal journey, with every track unleashing sick sounds and techniques. If you take the time to listen to some of the tracks on the Sanity/Switch EP, you might hear certain influences, such as Slipknot or Rage Against The Machine. While it’s nice to be able to hear these legends have an influence, it is more rewarding to pick up on how Sanity/Switch takes it steps further to make it unique to themselves. There’s a twist in the vocals, instrumentals, and even added effects in the mastering that spotlights this EP. 


Upon starting the listening experience, the listener is welcomed by an intro track. This is purely a placeholder instrumental track, however, it alerts the audience perfectly for what’s about to play next-- and it’s going to be good. As mentioned previously, every track unlocks a completely new listening experience. What remains the same is the emotional inspiration put into each song, and you can especially hear it in the vocals done by Chris Powles. In addition to that, there’s a solid balance between heavy and soft instrumental beats within these tracks that allows the listeners to always be intrigued for what’s about to come. After listening to this project several times, three tracks stood out to me in particular: “Shattered Glass,” “Holding On,” and “Sanity/Switch.”


When it comes to “Shattered Glass” and “Holding On,” I see these as two of the more emotional tracks on this project. Also, these songs compliment each other well. “Shattered Glass” is on the heavier side of this project, as the listener can get intense screams and heavy beat rolls throughout. One of the more inspirational aspects of this track is how Powles portrays his skillset here. The fierce screaming met by the gruesome instrumentals, truly resonates the animosity you can feel for yourself when one falls so far down the rabbit hole. “Shattered Glass” was one of the tracks off this EP that gave me goosebumps during every listen. 


 “Holding On” relays a topic of deep struggle, and a plea for help. Continuing to latch on to a single thread when you’re living a nightmare is one of the more challenging things to go through in life. The band worked well in this particular song to not only showcase that through the vocals, but also in how the instrumentals were orchestrated. The shredding and drum beat are probably my favorite characteristics for this particular song. It may be softer in nature when it comes to the vocals, but the band does a good job at making it powerful in more than one way. It’s effective and makes for a track you want on your daily playlist. 


The self-titled track is significant for numerous reasons. Yes, it ties in this project perfectly. However, that’s not the only reason as to why it’s important. “Sanity/Switch” also correlates to the band’s name and their inspiration/motivation for why these members are collaborating together to make music in general. What’s special about this track, is that you can hear all of the various aspects of this EP bundled into nearly four minutes. It truly showcases the great power of talent these members hold when they make music together. For anyone who is questioning Sanity/Switch or wants to know what to expect when they listen to their music, I’d recommend streaming their self-titled track. It packs one hell of a punch, and, definitely can see it being used as fight music. I promise you, if you listen to this EP, you will not be disappointed. This is a nu-metal band that breaks through the mold with their debut project, and proves their place in this scene.

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