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Guilty Pleasure


This album is great and I really enjoyed listening to every song off of the album, however, I would've liked to have seen the band branch out a little more. This album is extremely similar to their past album, "About That Life." That album, was also great, and the band using similar techniques is what caused it to be another successful album. The band, as a whole, showed amazing cohesion, the vocals were amazing, and the instrumentals are by far the best I've heard from the band.


Cohesion is one of the main factors a band should think about when writing or even performing music. It what makes them great in appearance and is what makes them sound good, if not better. I'd definitely have to say that Attila is one of my favorite bands to refer to when discussing cohesion in the band, and I will continue to look forward to their performances in their upcoming shows in Atlanta.


As mentioned before in my previous reviews of Attila, Chris Fronzack has amazingly talented vocal techniques. And I mean it when I say this, no other band vocalist could do what he does. Chris is the main reason why this band is so great. His personality and style shows a lot in the lyrics he sings, screams, or growls, and they're what make the vocals unique and set them apart from other bands.


Finally, the instrumentals. As most of you picked up, the main reason why I love music so much is for the vocal talent and the intensity of the lyrics. However, I love a great breakdown when I hear one. And Attila is one of the perfect bands to refer to when talking about breakdowns. I absolutely enjoy listening to them in the songs when I'm at home or at work, and enjoy them even more in their live performances. 

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