Set it Off

As most of you have read, I saw this band live at the Atlanta show of the Black Mass Tour. I had heard a lot of negative feedback of the band before their performance, and was not looking forward to seeing them live. However, I had never heard of the band before the show, and I didn't want to judge them based on the negative responses I was getting, so I stayed for their performance. I really enjoyed their live performance, but never really thought I was going to get into them. I thought since I enjoyed them live, I might as well review their latest album, Duality. I haven't stopped playing the album since I've gotten it. This band wouldn't necassarily be my "go to band," if I hadn't given them a chance. Now I find myself constantly listening to their past and present work, and catch their music being played in public atmosheres, for example the movie theatre.  


Now, one of the negative feedbacks I recieved of this band was the band's lead vocalist, Cody Carson's, vocal sound and style. If anyone has listened to Black Veil Brides and then Set it Off, they would realize that the differences in vocal style and sound are significantly different. However, I adore Cody's sound and style. It's different and unique, and you don't see much what the band does at most of these shows. The album is written to give a more sing-along feel, which is what the band intended to do. This actually works out in the band's favor during live performances, because it keeps the crowd engaged and lets them continue to have a great time. 


My favorite instrumental aspect of this album, would have to be the drums. I exalt them. Their drummer gives off so much power of emotion, just by playing. I've only ever felt this way with one other band, and that band would be Black Veil Brides. However, after watching the drummer play live and to see his energy on stage, it makes me wish I was on the stage with him. For my heart to echo the rythim of the drum, for my ears to pound from the loud sounds portruding from this wonderful instrument, for myself to fall in love with music again, just by listening and watching him play. 


This band is one of the key examples of the phrase, "don't judge a book by its cover." See, you can't judge a book based on its cover. You have to physically have invested time to read the book to know if it meant artistic and high expertice, and to know if you actually liked it. I would have to say, after spending an ample amount of time each week listening to this band, there is a high level of excellence put out into their music. And everyone should give this band a chance, not based on their looks, not based on the way they dress, but on the melody they put into their music to make the world a better place.