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The SoundChick is Back on The Mosh Pit Podcast

After taking a few weeks off, The SoundChick is back on The Mosh Pit podcast. This week, Wes Everett and The SoundChick interviewed founder of Hardcore Forever clothing Darshon Keefer, and Mixer Mike of Descent of the Archangel. To access these episodes of The Mosh Pit podcast, you can click here. Tune back in for next week's episode on August 13 to listen to an interview with the cool guys of Words Like Wildfire.

ICYMI: Wes Everett and The SoundChick have some exciting news for fans. When purchasing merchandise from Hardcore Forever, fans can use promo code "TheMoshPit" to receive 10% off their order. Hardcore Forever is for anybody, especially those in the hardcore scene. Show some support to an awesome brand, and save some money while you're at it. In the meantime, rock on, my dudes.

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