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Check Out These Upcoming Artists

This week's features include several up and coming artists in the alternative music scene. If you've been fond of nu-metal, you will be thrilled to see yet another nu-metal band keeping this scene alive. You can learn all about Cold Sin with our in-depth interview. In addition to Cold Sin, The SoundChick had the great opportunity to speak with Chariot Arcana on The Mosh Pit Podcast.

The reviews welcome some fresh artists to this scene, such as December Screams Embers and Within The Catacombs. Making major headway in the music scene already, December Scream Embers land a vocal feature from Craig Mabbitt (Escape The Fate). Their song deals with a very intense and important topic-- #SaveOurChildren. Punching through the wall, we have Within The Catacombs. Their debut single, "Ambien," takes you through a dreamlike listening experience that is backed by sick riffs. As always, links are placed below for easy access.




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