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Two Interviews For You

To help make your drives to and from Thanksgiving feast more fun, The SoundChick welcomes Erick Leviathan (CEO, Misanthropik Records) and Disciples Of Babylon to its followers. During my discussion with Leviathan, we talk about how he balances making music and running a record label. We also get into some fun and interesting stories, like how he got seriously injured at a show in order to get a drum stick. It is definitely a wild ride, so make sure you're buckled in tight. The SoundChick also spoke with Disciples Of Babylon on The Mosh Pit Podcast. During the chat, we get into the band's music, and what all they're getting into. As always, links are placed below for easy access. The SoundChick hopes you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Rock on, and don't forget to share your music taste at the table!


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