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Trouble + One

Haley Pearl | February 7, 2019


Trouble + One. PC: Eric Younkin


I first discovered this band through the helpful tool of Instagram. When I listened to a few of their songs that this band has on YouTube, I knew I had to learn more about this fascinating band.. especially when I found out that two of the members are actually family members. That's just what I did... I had the wonderful opportunity to talk with one of the band members (Eric) about the band, and this is what he had to say:

What is it like being in a band with a member significantly younger than the rest of the members? Does schooling and other activities get in the way?

E: Working around his schedule isn't much different than anyone else's quite honestly. We typically practice most of the time without him, and then bring him in to finalize the songs. I also work with him off hours alone on the structure and writing of the songs. We do quite a bit of constructing separately, but then come together to complete. Much of the progression of the songs takes place in the studio as well. They really don't get polished until we lay them down in a formatted way within the confines of studio. Blaise is a special kid though, all straight A's in all advanced classes, football player, all region choir participant ... you name it, he does it.

How did Trouble + One come to be?

E: Trouble came to be from two very different styles of music just coming together. Blaise is my son. I had him when I was young and quit music to raise him. I wanted to be a good dad and be more focused on being responsible. We never talked about music while he was growing up, but he naturally had a gift, so I had to help him explore that. He would hear me writing and practicing, and would come in screaming. I was like, "this could be something special mixed with my pop driven style." Really it just came together and it was obvious we had to do it. Blaise had also started performing with other bands locally, some of which were already big time bands. It was obvious the kid had the "It" factor, so I really wanted to do something with him.

What is it like having a true family aspect of the band?

E: The family environment is incredible, because we are more focused on doing things right. We are there to create music and we aren't distracted by anything else. Also, there is something about the DNA factor of Blaise and I's voices blending together, and us being very similar in terms of our souls.  I guess you could say it's magical in many ways how we blend, and this is even more apparent on stage.

What bands does Trouble + One aspire to be?

E: Trouble + One basically wants to be something familiar, yet unique. We truly believe the blend of the different styles we have is unlike nothing else. Although, we look to other things as inspiration. We always stay true to ourselves. We mix up some very different styles of music, and we think our lyrics speak to lots of people. We feel we are actually well suited for mainstream radio, and have the ability to turn people onto something that may otherwise discredit.

What’s the future direction for the band?

E: The future of the band is just to keep loving what we do, and let it be a place for expression. We want Trouble to move people emotionally. If we don't, we have failed. We want people to laugh, cry, and even get mad. We also want to entertain. We want to be that band that you can watch and think to yourself, "those guys were born to do this." We want to touch you, we want to amaze you.

When it comes to other bands and labels, who do you want to notice your band? 

E: If we're being 100%, we need help to really get the music out there. Of course, we love Fearless and Sumerian records. Hopefully with lots of hard work, we will get some help. Honestly though, our product has to warrant these guys' attention, so we got to keep writing and the pedal to the metal. I've been signed by big labels in the past, and there is one thing I've learned: no label wants to work with a band that isn't willing to do what they ask with a smile on their faces. It's much easier to work with a created project you can mold and shape, as opposed to a band full of egomaniacs. Overall, if we want our message to really get out there, we will need some help. Hopefully it's on the way, time will tell.

Do you have any exciting or upcoming news you would like me to tell my followers?

E: We have been approached by a company to do a big summer tour which is exciting. We are one of the fastest growing new bands on instagram, which is exciting. We are working on sponsorships with Ernie Ball, and have have reached out to Orange Amplifiers as well. Mostly we're just excited about the rapid growth of this band. I really believe that something either works, or it doesn't. This band is working better than any band I've ever been a part of. The amount of fans that are jumping on board is almost hard to believe. I really think we got "lightning in a bottle" here, but the stars and the moon will play a big part in our story.

"Fake Friend Request" Review

To begin, I would like to point out the vocals. One of the vocalists, Blaise, is only 14. This was quite surprising to me that someone his age could pull off a vocal talent such as his. I was surprised when I reviewed an 18-year-old, but someone who's 14 portraying such talent is impressive. It it clear that this kid is going to be going places, however, he has some big shoes to fill. I don't think that should slow him down though, instead, it should motivate him. 

Eric is one of the other vocalists of the band. His talent is definitely different, yet unique amongst the rest of the members. It is obvious that his roots lie within pop influences, however, I do think that the styles mix well for this band. Trouble + One is still relatively new, so I do think the band will need to come a long way yet. 

Personally, the instrumentals that stood out the most to me, was definitely the bass played by Zev. This is not me saying that the other instrumentalists are not talented at all. This is me saying that I got goosebumps when I heard the bass. It takes a lot for me to get goosebumps when I listen to music, and this song definitely yielded that reaction. I was impressed. I'm eager to hear whatever this band produces next. 


Trouble + One. PC: Eric Younkin

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