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Wasted Pretty

Haley Pearl | February 29, 2020


Marinette, Wisconsin-based Wasted Pretty members (in order): Joey, Ginger, and Raistlin. PC: Wasted Pretty.

Click above to listen to, "Sucks Being Underage" by Wasted Pretty. 

It's no secret that I meet up with or review bands that are not as popular. However, Wasted Pretty could be an artist on your playlist within the next months or years to come. For those who like the Replacements, Ramones, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, or Sex Pistols, this young band might be who you need to listen to. Who knows, you might think that they're all the rage. 


I had the wonderful opportunity to connect and speak with the dynamic and rebellious punk trio, and this is what they had to say:

I’m aware that your mentor and artist that you’ve been working with a lot is Ron [Kispert]. What’s that experience been like for you guys?


G: It’s been really fun. He gives us a lot of insight into the music world, and gives us his experience. He just helps us a lot. 


What would you say is the biggest thing you’ve learned from Ron?

G: Songwriting. How to write a song, well, the music portion of it. And stage tips, and gigging tips.


What was the song or band that initially sparked your interest for making music?


G: Mine was Joan Jett and the Replacements. 


J: Mine was the Jesus and Mary Chain. They’re from Scotland, they’re an 80’s band. 


R: Mine was a System of a Down. 


Very eclectic music. That’s awesome. When I listened to your two songs [“Sucks Being Underage” and “Don’t Care"], I heard the influence of Joan Jett, the Replacements, the Ramones... what was the true inspiration for the sound of those songs?


G: For “Sucks Being Underage,” it was “Blitzkrieg Bop” [ by the Ramones] and the Clash. For “Don’t Care,” it was some Replacements stuff, too. 


Where do you guys see this band going? What’s the biggest goal?


G: Gigging and making an album first off.


J: I want to leave a mark on the world, and influence the next generation and the love for punk-rock music. I want to influence new bands, and hopefully they play our music. 


How do you guys feel about the new punk, like Rancid and Teenage Bottlerocket? 


G: It’s punk if you say it is. It’s no more or less punk than the Sex Pistols or Ramones. It’s your own style.  


R: Everyone has their own interpretation on punk. It’s your own twist. 


J: Punk is not a style of music, but what you make of it is, and what you want it to be. You can’t define punk. 


I saw that you guys went to Terrarium Studios. How was that experience?


G: It was really fun. 


J: It was a really nice experience. 


Was it everything you expected and hoped for?


R: It was more than expected. 


G: Yeah, it was really different. Like, I thought it was going to be really high-tech and nerve-wracking, but Jason [the producer], he really made us feel at ease. It was really fun.


Branching off of that-- do you guys find that it’s easier for bands or people in the music scene to make you guys feel more at ease, or is it harder? Do you guys feel tension between those who have been doing this longer?


R: They have more experience, and it also depends on how well the band plays well with other band mates. Also, styles of songs, people that listen to them and how they act can really determine how the band acts. 


G: Yeah, it’s like reception really. You respond how other people respond. 


J: That’s how you learn from your mistakes. 


Is it difficult juggling your band and social lives?

G: Yeah, it can be kinda stressful at times. Especially during highschool. Joey and I are 16 [sophomores], and Raistlin is 15 [freshman]. 


R: Everyone has differences. 


What is one song on each of your playlists that would surprise me?


G: ”Sweet Home Alabama.” 


J: Aerosmith or Psychedelic Furs. 


R: Iron Maiden. 


Yeah, I noticed your [Raistlin’s] sweatshirt. It has major death metal vibes. That’s more my speed and crowd. 


R: Yeah, that’s what I usually play. I put that influence into punk. It doesn’t really matter, like how you play it. It’s all about how you fit it in. 


G: Yeah, we hit a good mix of punk and metal. 


Star Wars or Star Trek?


J: Star Wars, it’s a childhood thing. 


G: Star Trek, but it depends on my mood. I’ve just always liked it better.


R: Star Trek. 

Is there any news or upcoming stuff you want me to disclose to the fans of SoundChick?

G: We're currently working on releasing an album, and we're looking for a drummer. 

Trippyheadbanger Question: What's the craziest thing you've ever done for music?


Joey: I've picked it over friendships.


Ginger: I've snuck in to places to listen to music. (I found out after the interview that this was the inspiration for their song, "Sucks Being Underage.")


Raistlin: I just tune everyone out and listen to music. Yeah, stress relievers. 


Wasted Pretty with Jason Orris from Terrarium Studios. PC: Wasted Pretty.

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