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Demons Within

Ash To Dust

If you're looking for some new music on the heavier side of the music spectrum, I highly suggest Ash To Dust's album, Demons Within. This album by Ash To Dust incorporates several different metal styles and influences to bring their fans the best possible listening experience. With stylistic mixing of thrash, melodic, gothic and death metal, this album is certainly one you should check out. I may not have expected this, but I was surely not disappointed with the outcome. Having a versatile sound to every track within this album makes for a thrilling experience, and Ash To Dust knocks it out of the park with this album. Demons Within is sure to quench your metal thirst with its unique and versatile tracks. 

Even though I enjoyed every track off this album, two stood out to me the most. These tracks being "Divergence"  and "Demons Within." The opening track is "Divergence." This track is purely instrumental. Despite that fact, this opens up the album pretty well. It's intriguing to listen to, and has me itching for more. The band does not fail when continuing the album filled with hard-hitting and eclectic tracks. 

The title track, "Demons Within" is the longest track on this album. Given that fact, you always want your longest tracks to pack a mean punch. Ash To Dust does a phenomenal job at providing the listener with a great track here, and it ties up the album perfectly. "Demons Within" showcases a lot of unique aspects all at once. For example, there is the unification of melodic, thrash, and death metal techniques within this track. The keyboard played by the band's vocalist and guitarist, Robb Matthews, was significant to me especially in "Demons Within." It was a great way to close out the album. This final track definitely has me interested to hear more from the band in the future. 

In addition to the multitude of genre influences, there were four features on Demons Within. Tracks that had features on this album are "Unquiet Mind," "Betrayal," and "Mother May I." These are definitely significant tracks within this album, and the features definitely serve them justice. Out of these three tracks, "Mother May I" is my favorite. This track has a melodic and gothic appeal and technical style to it. I enjoyed the feature of Ashley Peterson's vocals, as it was refreshing and thrilling to hear.

Demons Within surpassed my expectations, and I can only imagine you will have a positive experience as well. The instrumentals, vocals, and lyrical aspects can be favored from any metal head. Ash To Dust is a band you're going to want to keep a close eye on. With this album showing great versatile capability, I look forward to more blasting metal music from the band. 

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