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Present (2020)



The SoundChick has officially partnered with Misanthropik Records to bring to you the best metal has to offer. Please stay tuned for interviews & reviews featuring some of the bands off this record label. 



Local to Georgia, The Mosh Pit is a funky podcast that specializes in punk, rock, and metal artists. The goal of this podcast is to bring news, interviews, and  bring underground music to the masses. Haley Pearl and Wes Everett (@SSR2k03) are teaming up to bring you some special shows. 

For inquiries and questions, please contact Haley Pearl at

*To listen to episodes featuring The SoundChick, click here.*



systematic abominations.jpg

The SoundChick was proud to promote and manage Systematic Abominations. This band was comprised of the dynamic duo of Chris Mauer and Skylar Wanke. Systematic Abominations can be best described as a death-core band. Listening to their music, you can hear the devotion and skill clearly; they are definitely a band worth giving a listen. "Puppet Master" was their first single, and their second is on the way. Fans can expect an EP from Systematic Abominations within the next year. 

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Wanke's selfish actions lead to the band's end in late 2018. 

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