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"Through Pain We Dine" By HIGHFRONT

Canada has all the great bands from Three Days Grace, Finger Eleven, Theory of a Deadman, and now they have HIGHFRONT. This hard rock band brings a unique style to their music, and it is truly a riveting experience. After listenings to this track, I have no doubt that these talented members will go far in the music scene. 

The first thing that stands out to the extreme in this track is the riffing. Hard rock bands usually don't take it to this level, but HIGHFRONT is showing them how it's done. Right off the bat the song starts off strong. It makes you want to head bang or reminisce being in a mosh pit. This is golden, as it prepares the listener for what to expect from the full track. It's amazing, and their own unique style. The instrumentalists definitely met expectations on this track. What is enjoyable to hear in "Through Pain We Dine," is how raw it sounds. This particular sound fuels the emotions of the lyrics for this song. It brings back the roots of hard rock music, and it works perfectly.   

Vocalist Adam Loback does an outstanding performance on this track as well. His versatility shows well on this track as he produces the perfect balance between various style changes (clean vocals, low growls, etc.). Having different styles throughout different periods of the track help fuel that emotion and meaning of it. It was indeed a great experience to listen to this track. If you enjoy bands like Three Days Grace, I would make sure you check out HIGHFRONT.

"I'm Not Okay" Covered By The Edge Of Reason

Since I grew up on My Chemical Romance, it is always refreshing to see new versions (covers) of their songs. When it comes to covers, you want the them to encompass the original band's vision, yet have the covering band put their unique twist to the music. I believe that The Edge Of Reason do just that in this cover.


The Edge Of Reason brings a different style and vibe to this iconic track that still encompasses the true emotion and meaning behind it. Because this is a post-hardcore cover, there are several different elements the band incorporate into this track. For instance, there's some screaming, an underlying beat separate to the instrumentals, and more. 

What shines bright on My Chemical Romance tracks is Gerard Way's vocals. Ro Seven's (vocalist of TEOR) vocals on this track are equally as memorable. Seven's versatility is what stands out on this track. His balance between clean and screaming vocal styles are brilliant. It's a new take on the style for this track, and it works. Not to mention that they make this song equally as catchy as the original sung by My Chemical Romance. 

If you want to experience goosebumps, I recommend you listen to 2:45-2:54 of the song. In my opinion, this is where the meaning and true emotion of the track is expressed the most on the track. I would recommend you not only listen to this cover from the band, but more of their original tracks. 

"American Skin (41 Shots)" Covered By Black Veil Brides

This track was originally written and performed by Bruce Springsteen back in the 90's, inspired by the events of a police shooting of a black man named Amadou Diallo. Black Veil Brides released this cover yesterday (June 12, 2020), in efforts to bring awareness to the current BLM and George Floyd protests sweeping the nation. "American Skin (41 Shots)" is a different type of cover than what we've previously heard from the band. However, I couldn't have picked a better band to cover this song. 

Black Veil Brides vocalist, Andy Biersack, truly shines bright on this despondent song. Biersack has proven time and time again that his vocal strength can carry great meaning throughout heavy songs. In portraying this talent, it makes this a beautiful cover produced by the band. Not only that, but Christian Coma's (drummer) beat coming in throughout the song amplifies the meaning of the song and expresses the urgency for something to be done. To read more about what the band had to say about this release and listen to the track, click here

"Hazy Hills" by Planet Waves

The band's title album truly showcases the range in talent of the members, especially in "Hazy Hills." Similar to "Marty," this track still portrays a vibe that you would get from a festival or concert. The band carries a free spirit throughout their music, and it is what makes it beautiful. This is portrayed heavily within Lindsay Ford's voice throughout the tracks of the band. Not only is it welcoming and peaceful, but the lyrics allow for the listener to get to know the artist without having met them personally. 

Planet Waves produces an indie-style of music, which is softer compared to what The SoundChick typically covers. However, that does not diminish the quality of the music. "Hazy Hills" possesses reminiscence of being amongst friends and loved ones. It's those types of memories that we need to be constantly reminded of during this pandemic. It's style and layout is what makes "Hazy Hills" the perfect quarantine playlist track if you're looking to rewind or try something new. 

"Cancelled" By Attila

This track released By Attila is typical if you compare it to past single releases. It packs that offensive language and content, aggression, and metal. It is noticeable that there are darker themes throughout this song. You can hear this through the lyrics of, "I want to wear your face," and "I want to smash your f*cking face in."

However, we are in a chaotic time right now. There is a pandemic going on, and there have been protests and riots for the past two weeks. If you watch the music video, you will see common themes that we've seen on the news recently. For example, there's riots, there's police tape with a warning to keep your distance, etc. The lyrics running along with these images or clips works well for this particular track, and makes the meaning more apparent.  

One might be turned off by this if it were any other band, however, this is the goal for Attila. They want you to be offended, they want you to react and speak up.


Chris Fronzak, the band's lead singer, has been known to use his music as an outlet of aggression and violence. Not only that, but the use of shredding within this track is what helps signify this track. The timing of the song release, as well as the contents of the song, are wha make it successful and a brilliant track to have released. 

"Marty" by Planet Waves

Although indie-pop is not the typical genre that SoundChick reports on, Planet Waves is just the band to spice up your daily music routine. Planet Waves channels artists like Natalie Merchant, which makes their music the perfect band to listen to for the ultimate bucolic vibe check. When I first listened to this track, I pictured myself at a music festival like Coachella. This to me just solidified the confidence this song possesses. It says we're new and we're going to leave our mark on the music industry. 


"Marty" possesses the style aesthetic as traditional indie-pop, however, you can also hear folk style notes throughout this song. This particular sound matches perfectly with Lindsay Ford's vocals in this song. Altogether, the song is simple, clean, and does not need extra embellishment to make it a song worth listening to. If the band follows this pattern and style in new music, there will be no doubt that they will go far in the music industry. Please take the time and check out this song by Planet Waves, you will not be disappointed. 

"Mantra" By Bring Me the Horizon

Well, this is an overdue release from the band since 2015. BMTH has been teasing a new release for a long while now, and the wait is finally over.

Honestly, I was a little skeptical. It's very obvious that the band is experimenting with their style and technique. You first got a taste of this in their Sempiternal album (2013), and then again with That's the Spirit (2015). I thought Sempiternal was the better out of the two honestly, because That's the Spirit never truly vibe with me. However, that being said-- I have a strong feeling that I'm going to enjoy their upcoming album, Amo (to be released January 11, 2019).

"Mantra" is the first track to be released off of their upcoming album. I was very impressed. The kairos (timing) and meaning of the song is quite meaningful to in this moment. Not only that, but it took me one listen to tell that this song hit the mark on every factor for it to be a solid track. Every member of this band is in sync with each other, and their ability to pull off a new style together without fail is quite impressive. Also, the lyrics of this song are beautiful and share so much meaning to this present day. It calls out every single one of us-- yes, we ALL give into not wanting to hear the truth. But, like it says in the song, we need to hear it to get to our destination.

If you have read any of my past pieces on this blog, you already know I tend to favor the drummer. Well, you guessed it. My favorite part of this song would probably have to be the percussions played by Jordan Fish. Fish is insanely talented, and it is very clear throughout the several albums he's played on with the band. 

If you're reluctant to hear the truth, or want to start a cult like Oli Sykes, give this song a go. 

"I am Human" by Escape the Fate

This is the title track off of Escape the Fate's latest album, I am Human. If you have already read my album review, you will already know that I think the music is all over the place. However, I truly believe that this song encompasses all that is going on in this album. 

"I am Human" is, in my opinion, a love letter you would write to yourself. Like, one of those letters you would write to your 15-year-old depressed self. However, you didn't believe any of that stuff your friends and families were telling you until you hit your late 20s or 30s. As I was listening to it, I felt anger and happiness. Anger for those who won't believe this about themselves, but also happiness because I believe it about myself. These lyrics are so powerful, and I believe they will have quite the impact on the band's avid following.

When I think of Craig Mabbitt, I think of someone who is cold and harsh. His voice has that type of sound that you wouldn't expect some sweet and gentle lyrics come out of. However, Mabbitt's melodic voice, really helped make this song whole. This is not the only slow, melodic song off their latest album. I love the new path the band has taken in terms of their vocal abilities, instrumentals, and lyrics. This song and the album are incredibly successful. Go ahead and give this song a listen.

"God, If You Are Above" By Falling in Reverse

After listening to this song, I really do believe that Ronnie is accepting the fact that he has a problem with faith. Even though within the lyrics Ronnie is clear he will never be saved, or he will be going to hell, I truly do believe he wants to be saved. He just needs a reason to be saved, and a reason to believe, he just hasn't found one yet. Having said that, I enjoyed the song entirely.

Ronnie's vocal style has changed a lot throughout the band's latest album, Fashionably Late, and that same vocal style is used in this new single. Actually, the way Ronnie puts emotion through the way he sings, makes the song more intense. It brings out a deeper meaning to that song.

As for the instrumentals of the song, they weren't a typical pattern for the band. The band played at a more slow, softer sound. This also brought out the emotion and intensified the song, by centering the lyrics and Ronnie's voice. 

I really enjoyed how the band wrote and performed this song, and will definitely be excited to see if the band will be performing this song live at any of the performances in Atlanta.

"Kill the Pain" By Fit For A King

As most of you have read, the first song I had ever listened to from the band was "A Greater Sense of Self." Even though I really enjoyed the song, I just didn't continue to listen to their music. After a while, a friend of mine had listened to this song, and told me to review it. After listening to this song, I remembered why I had loved this band in the first place.

This song was hands-down amazing.I really enjoyed the lyrics in this song, but the two factors I enjoyed the most in the song, were the instrumentals and the vocal styles. The instrumentals harmonized perfectly with Ryan Kirby and Ryan O'leary's vocal patterns. Both of these factors really made the song what it is, and what made it enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this song if you are a FFAK follower.

"Broken Soul" By Texas in July

As most of you know, after listening to "Sweetest Poison," I really got into this band. I started to listening to them more, and I started appreciating their music more and more with each listen. However, I listened to their past works first, then continued on to their latest album works.


When I listened to this song, I just didn't like it. I actually wouldn't even listen to the song again until after a few days had passed. By the third time I had listened to the song, I really enjoyed it, I enjoyed it a lot. I love this song as much as I love all of the band's other works. This band is really good for making great music, and I love the band for it. 

My favorite aspects of this song would deffinitely have to be the instrumentals and JT Cavey's vocal style. I feel that these apsects both harmonize together well, and really enhance the value of the song. I would definitely recommend this song.

"Hate Me" By Attila

After hearing and reviewing the first released song, "Proving Grounds," off of the band's upcoming album Guilty Pleasure, I was looking forward to excellence. Instead, I was let down. I even listened to the song a few times before I realized I straight out didn't like the song. It was unfortunate, because I really enjoy listening to Attila, and I look forward to their new music, this song just didn't hit it for me.

Honestly, I really disliked the lyrics in this song. That being said, I do know that these are considered top tier lyrics to their fan base. However, the only good thing I could say about them, is that it works with previous listened songs off of the album. In that case, the only aspect I enjoyed in this song, were the instrumentals. They were solid, and they were perfect.


I know that I have only listened and reviewed two songs off of their upcoming album, Guilty Pleasure, and that these two songs do not automatically make me hate the album. I still will be listening to the full album when it comes out, and I will be posting a review on it.

"Proving Grounds" By Attila

I honestly wasn't surprised when I heard this song. This song is typically the generic for every song produced by the band. Which I kind of prefer because I know that these types of lyrics and style of songs work for the band. As you probably have assumed already, I enjoyed this song. 

I am once again impressed with Chris Fronzack's vocal talent and technique throughout this song, as I was with their past album. Not many people have the talent to be able to do what Chris Fronzack does in not just one, but every single one of the band's songs. I really think that instead of bashing the band, people should really recognize the talent that each of the members have in the band. 

The programming and instrumentals for this song were pretty good, they just didn't strike me as new or anything different compared to their past music. Honestly, I'd say that the band not changing their technique and style in their songs is actually better for them. I'm still really happy with what the band is continuing to produce, and if this song is amazing, then the rest of their upcoming album must be too. If you liked this song, you can pre-order their album now and get this song instantly.

"Drown" By Bring Me the Horizon

When I first listened to this song I was really surprised. Surprised in both a good and bad way. Bring Me the Horizon no longer fits the description of metalcore, instead, they've moved into a style that's more post-hardcore. It honestly took me a few listens to actually start to like the song, just because the style is so different to what the band would've normally produced. Other than that, everything that composes the song, fits perfectly for what a "typical Bring Me the Horizon song" would sound like.

The lyrics are perfect. They parallel with other lyrics the band has written in the past. The way the lyrics are portrayed and sung throughout the song actually works well with the style and technique they're using. I'm actually really impressed they pulled it off so wonderfully, being that this is the first time we're seeing this type of style in the band's songs now. The lyrics and Oliver's voice were probably my favorite aspects of the song. As mentioned before, I love the lyrics, but I really love Oliver's vocal technique in this song. 

I'd definitely give this song a listen, because if the rest of their upcoming album sounds like this, then it will be an amazing album.

"This is the Time (Ballast)" By Nothing More

This song is the first song I've listened to of the band. I really enjoyed this song. Their style is unique and new to me. I loved it. I especially loved the aux drums. This song is actually the first song I've listened to with aux percussions in it, and I really enjoyed it.

The aux drums really harmonized with the rest of the contributing instrumentals within the song. This is a particular technique that I haven't seen incorporated much into the music that I listen to daily. It allowed for a different sound to flow through the song. It was quite impressive, as it is a solid performance for the overall instrumentals of the song. 

What I really loved in this song was the vocals. The band's vocalist, Jonny Hawkins, has a really unique and interesting vocal style. I really liked how his vocals really seemed to work well with the rest of the song. All of the aspects of this song really brought this song together to make it an overall great song. I'd definitely recommend you listen to this song if you haven't already.

"My Demons" By Starset

The first time I actually heard this song was on the Octane channel on my Sirius Radio. I knew I liked it, but never really listened to it again. I then ended up listening to it again, on the same radio station, and absolutely fell in love with the song. First of all, the lyrics and message within the song are not the type of lyrics you would hear coming off of this radio station, so I was really surprised that this song even played off that station. Other than that, the song is perfect in every way.

The vocal style in this song is pretty similar to many bands within this genre, so I didn't see much difference in that department. The vocals were still amazing, they just didn't stand out as totally new or special.

Another reason why I was surprised this song was played off of Octane, was for the instrumentals. Most of the songs played off that station can tend to be a little heavy. This song, however, is more on the softer side. Even though I don't tend to listen to softer music, I really enjoyed listening to this song. I really felt that even though they weren't classified as "metalcore" or "hardcore," they still managed to produce an amazing song. Amazing enough to be played off Octane atleast. 

I definitely enjoyed this song a lot, and I would recommend this band for anyone who wants to try something new. Definitely give this song a listen if you haven't already.

"Playing With Fire" By Chelsea Grin

I really enjoyed this song. Every aspect to the song, the lyrics, the vocals, and the instrumentals were absolutely outstanding in this song. I especially enjoyed watching the video, and the way Alex perceived himself throughout the video. He and the band definitely set the image for what the band is about, and their emotional input for the song just by their body language. 

I really favored the vocal style of this song. The way Alex and Pablo, which is the band's drummer, harmonize their vocals really worked well for this song. I haven't heard this style used by the band in a while, and I would have to say I like this style better for them. I definitely would like to hear and see more of this vocal style used in more of their songs.

The instrumentals for this song sounded a lot like the style they used for their other song off Ashes to Ashes, "Letters." There's nothing wrong with a band using the same instrumental or programming technique within many songs off of the same album, as long as they make them different and unique enough to make them stand out from each other. I would have to say that Chelsea Grin can pull this off well within all of their albums.

All in all, I would have to say that this song is pretty amazing. But please take the time to listen to the rest of the album, Ashes to Ashes.

"Eleven Shadows of Ahasurus" By Agartha

I have recently discovered Agartha. They are a band featured on They are an amazingly talented black metal band. This song has many unique styles to it that black metal listeners would enjoy. How this band isn't big, surprises me. I don't listen to much black metal, yet when I listened to them for the first time, I wanted to hear more.

I love how in depth the lyrics are in this song. The passion that this band has in singing or playing the music, is truly amazing to see. You can definitely tell that each member loves to play music; it's their passion. The lyrics are definitely one of the strongest traits of this song.

Another strong trait of this song is the music. The intro to the song is beautiful. Yet, as the song progresses, the style changes. I definitely prefer their music style. It's absolutely brilliant and unique.

To listen to more of their songs, go to

"Heart of Fire" By Black Veil Brides

This is another successful song by the band. I absolutely loved it. There are many things that stand out in this song, none of which are band things. For instance, it is obvious that the band had many influences while writing the music to go with the lyrics of this song. Having influences does NOT make you unoriginal. It just means that the band respects another band's work and they redesign it to make their own style and taste of it. Something else that is obvious in the song, is the change in Andy's voice. Andy actually screams and growls for the first time in two albums. The band is bringing back some of their older style back, and it's definitely working to their advantage.

Now for Ashley's back up vocals. I definitely feel like Ashley's voice was put to good use in this song. He has an amazingly talented voice, and I believe it should be used to the best of its ability. His vocal capabilities help carry Andy's voice higher, and that's what works the best for this band.

The music for this song sounds a little grunge. The band has used this style of music before, however, this time they add a little twist to it and make it deep and heavy.

Overall, it was an amazing song. You can get it now if you pre-order their upcoming album.

"Faithless" By Black Veil Brides

First of all, wow. I was really surprised to hear the sound of this new song. Over the years, Black Veil Brides has continued to progress in the music nation. Each album they produce, they create a new style and sound for the band that is unique and creative. This song being the first released off their upcoming, expressing a new, creative style for the band, I am really excited to hear the rest of the album when it comes out.

As most people know, and this is the main reason why Black Veil Brides has lost a lot of their fan base, Black Veil Brides was only heavy throughout their first album We Stitch These Wounds. Within the next to albums they produced after that, they've continued to get softer in sound. Moving from a "screamo" sound to more of a hard rock type of style. Honestly, I've loved each album Black Veil Brides has produced, and it's only making the band better. However, The intro to this song--was heavy. Heavier than their past two albums. It was different. Intriguing. I loved it.

I enjoy Andy Biersack's vocals and style, especially on this track. He has an amazingly talented voice that I feel people don't give him credit for, just because he's, "not heavy enough." I feel that Andy himself knows what sounds best and what makes the band better. Definitely this new technique they're trying in this song is brilliant. It'll make their live shows pop, and it'll make this upcoming album worth listening to. 

"Move it" By Down & Dirty

Okay, I had never heard of this band before. Yes, I know that this becoming an old saying of mine as I've started reviewing these songs. Some of these songs I am recommended by my followers, and half of the bands I've never heard of. Some of them I like, some of them I hate. This band-- I love.

I really loved the creativeness in the lyrics of this song. You need to live your life, on your own. If you succumb to a supperior being, you have to be prepared to fight through a life of pain and hardship. You need to make life exciting and amazing while you got it. Pretty amazing lyrics. I definitely enjoyed them.

I love Denis Stoff's vocal style in this song. Absolutely love it. He has an amazing and talented voice. His clean vocals are definitely my favorite. Definitely brought a cool sound for the song.

I really love the dumming in this song. It was probably my favorite out of the instrumentals as a whole. The band's guitarist, Serj Shtepah, is amazingly talented. 

This song was perfect, I anticipate my love towards the next song I hear from the band. 

"Millennia" By Crown the Empire

This is the first song I listened to from Crown the Empire, and honestly, I'm mad at myself for not listening to them sooner. Their album style and music reminds me of my favorite bands, Black Veil Brides and GreenDay. Their newest album, The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways, is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful, but you can see my full review on the album in my ALBUMS page.

Now, that being said, this song is pure gold. It's absolutely beautiful. I honestly didn't realize how depressing the lyrics were because I was so distracted by the beauty of the vocals and instrumentals of the song. Definitely out did themselves on that part.

The lyrics, as stated above, are depressing, yet beautiful. They work well with the song. If the song was softer and slower, it wouldn't work as well, but the band came together and made the song perfect.

The vocals done by Andy Leo and David Escamilla, are absolutely perfect. I couldn't have picked a better pair for this song, the entire album, or even the band. I was absolutely blown away by this song and the band.

"Reincarnate" By Motionless in White

I know it wasn't the band's intention to make this a religious song, but I absolutely love how they use two completely different religions, and bring them both into one song. Yes, one is used negatively, and the other, positively. These concepts, however, are brilliant. I love how the lyrics symbolize the struggle of life, and using the term, "reincarnation," as moving on with life and getting through with whatever struggle. Simply brilliant lyrics in this song.

Moving on to the vocals of this song. Chris's vocal style in this song is unique and different. I actually enjoy it better than most of their old music. It was really interesting to listen to for the first time. I had stopped listening to this band for a while. When I heard this song, I fell back in love with the band again, and I anticipate their new album that's to be released soon.

Personally, I really enjoyed their lyric video. Usually, I never pay attention to lyric videos, because it's a lyric video. In most cases, lyric videos are basic. This one was pretty amazing. I absolutely loved the symbolism in this video. It actually tied the lyrics together. Well done!

Last but not least, the instrumentals. They were like any other Motionless in White song in my opinion. This isn't a bad thing. I love the band's style. I just didn't see any significant difference with their instrumental style in this song.

Would I reccomend this song? Yes. Definitely.

"Bright Enough" By I Killed the Prom Queen

This is the first song I've listened to from this band. Let me tell you something. I really enjoyed this song.

Vocalists, Jona Weinhofan and Jamie Hope, are absolutely amazing in this song. I was really impressed by both of their talents and the way they simultaneously sang with each other. They're definitely a great vocalist team.

The lyrics are what pull this song all together. To me, the lyrics can be taken two ways throughout the song. Negative and positively. The lyrics are how a person who is obviously sick of the way society sees the world. Yet, this person is so surprised and intrigued by the way a person sees the world so positively, that he tries and wants to communicate the positive vibes to the world. The creativeness of this song was brilliant. I really enjoyed it.

I'm really glad I was introduced to this band for one reason. The band, as a whole, is deffinitely a big win. They're perfect all around. I couldn't pick a better group of people to write music or play together. If you haven't checked them out already, I would definitely recommend it.

"Told Ya So" By Get Scared

This song was suggested to me by the bassist, Bradley "Lloyd" Iverson.Every song that Get Scared produces, is amazing. This song is perfect as the first track off their latest album, Everyone's Out to Get Me. It really lays out what the album as a whole is all about.

Nick and Bradley's vocals for not just the song, but the band in general, syncranize each other well. They both have beautiful and talented voices. The instrumental portion in this song, as well as other songs the band has produced, work well with each other to make the song harmonious with all components of the song.

All in all, the instrumentals and the lyrics of the song definitely make it more hype than any of the other songs off the album, which is typical for the first track of an album. Another great song produced by Get Scared.

"Incomplete Me" By For All Those Sleeping

First of all, I would like to say that I am really impressed with the cleverness of the band to pull off this song. It's a brilliant song. The band takes the meaning of love and changes it. I love how the band takes the theory of loving yourself is better than having anyone love you; you don't need anyone but yourself. It's truly a brilliant concept.

As mentioned above, the lyrics are pretty great, but that's not all that's great about this song. This song has so much hype in the intro. I was honestly expecting a totally different type of song when it first started playing. When I started listening to the lyrics, I was really shocked at how the lyrics show angst towards other people who might want to show love, but they simply refuse. It's a different type of lyric choice, and I really enjoyed it.

The band's vocalists, Jerad Pierskalla and Mike Champa, have really beautiful and amazing vocal styles that really work together. Especially throughout their newest album, Incomplete Me, which this song is off of. All in all, this song is brilliant, and so is the rest of the album, Incomplete Me. I'd definitely recommend this band that their newest album. 

"Raise Your Voice" By Obey the Brave

This was the first song I had every heard of by the band, and I absolutely love it. This song has hype as well as spirit. It's a really great pair for this song.

The lyrics and instrumentals of this song are my favorite part. The lyrics show hope and passion for the future, and I believe that showing hope is the greatest thing I fan can hear through the music or see a band have.


I definitely loved the lyrics in this song. Many bands nowadays don't have as much skill to have great instrumentals or mixes to their songs. This song, however, has perfect instrumentals. It's the right amount of hype for this song. I was really impressed and satisfied with the sound of it. 

On top of the lyrics and instrumentals of this song, the band's lead singer, Alex Erian, has an amazingly talented voice. It's perfect. It may seem a little weird to say that a vocaloist's style matches the song, but in this case, it's absolutely true. Alex's voice and vocal pattern fits this song perfect, and it really ties the song together.

I would definitely recommend this song if you have not already checked them out or listened to it.