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The Odyssey

Away With The Seas

If you're looking to get into a new metalcore band, Away With The Seas is the one to check out. The band recently released their debut EP, The Odyssey. This EP is a concept piece that takes the listener through a journey with your mental health demons and discovering the light inside yourself. It's apparent within the tracks off The Odyssey that the band put great care and thought into crafting the best possible content for their fans, and it's one you need to turn up.

Vocally, this EP has some top tier screams done by Ollie Whitecross. His style showcased on The Odyssey really helped to push through the overall concept behind every track, and it worked well. I would have loved to have heard more clean vocals throughout this EP to signify "the light" discussed within these songs. However, Whitecross' presence is still appreciated as he helps portray the painful emotions in The Odyssey

When considering the instrumentals of this EP, they also excel the listener's expectations. Talent on strings, Zack Robertson (bassist) Adam Daniel (guitarist), do a phenomenal job throughout this EP. Robertson and Daniel's work on each track blends well with Ryan Schippers' (drummist) beat. Their in-sync and hard-hitting sounds boom into the listener's ear, and will leave them begging for more. Tracks off The Odyssey I feel showcase the vocals and instrumentals of the bend in the best light are “With No Hope” and “Rescuing The Light.”  


"With No Hope" opens up this EP effectively, and I couldn't have picked a better song to kick off with. The track starts off with some light sound effects of a rainstorm. This spotlights the meaning of the EP from the beginning, and it works well. In my opinion, this is one of the more emotional songs off The Odyssey. However, as the track goes on, the listener can hear that this track is pivotal as it alludes to the fact that now is the time to find peace within yourself. It was an intense start, but much appreciated.

"Rescuing The Light" Is another pivotal song from The Odyssey. Right off the bat, this track gave me goosebumps. The lyrics of this song bring attention to hope breaking through the darkness, and you are able to take control over your own happiness again. It may appear to be gloomy, but “Rescuing The Light” screams beauty and peace. One of my favorite aspects about this track was there was an instrumental solo halfway through. This was refreshing and placed well within the song. Not only that, but it helped signify the peace. 


Away With The Seas definitely know what they're doing when it comes to producing intense projects. The Odyssey was just the debut and I cannot wait what else this band has in store for us. 

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