How We Both Wondrously Perish

Being as an Ocean

This is the latest album produced by Being as an Ocean, and it is as beautiful as their past album that I have listened to. In this album, the band introduced a new singer, Michael McGough, from The Elijah. Now, I know there have been some arguments about the value of the band going down due to the new addition of Michael, but I personally think that Michael is a great addition to the band and his talent shouldn't be underestimated. 


The songs in this album, are just as beautiful as their past album's. I think a band who produces an album with beautiful songs not only once, but multiple times, they have a unique style and technique they use to do this-- This is their main idea for an album. The lyrics are definitely my favorite part of this album. All in all, this album was another perfect album produced by Being as an Ocean. If you liked their previous albums, I'd definitely give this album a listen.