Dear G-d

Being as an Ocean

This is the first album I listened to of this band, and honestly, I'm disappointed in myself that I had never listened to this band earlier. This band is the definition of beautiful. Their lyrics actually remind me of the lyrics written by the band U2. I'd even crown them the U2 of metalcore.


They're amazing and beautiful lyrics, and style in how they're conveyed is what shines bright on this album. Joel Quartuccio's comforting yet compelling voice carries the meanings of these lyrics beautifully. Quartuccio's style is what really pulls it all together for the band, and makes them stand out amongst other post-melodic-hardcore bands. And of course, being backed by the other members on this track, it just makes for a beautifully written and produced piece of art.


Even if you're not religious, these lyrics will still resonate with you in at least some way, and I find that to be brilliant on the band's end. If you're into this sort of scene, I'd definitely give these guys a listen.