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I Am Human

Escape the Fate

Do you like sad music? Are you going through a terrible breakup? Are you mad at the world? Do you like good music? Well, then this album is for you. Stream it on YouTube, stream it on Spotify, go out an buy it, I don't care... you just have to listen to it.

I've been waiting for a new album from this band for a while. Ungrateful was a great album, and honestly, I just needed to listen to some new music. I'm not going to lie, I had to give this album a couple of listens to actually get the gist of it. At first, I thought it was an album about a terrible breakup. Then I thought it was a self discovery shoutout. Now, I'm not even sure. This is what I love about music, it's always open to interpretation. 


The album itself is all over the place-- but it works for the band in such a unique way. This lengthy album for the band took me on such a journey of different thoughts and emotions. Not many albums or songs have really done that lately. When I listen to music, I expect to feel a vast range of emotions, but music nowadays are, in my opinion, not up to par. However, this album by Escape the Fate is quite interesting and meets those expectations


Since Craig Mabbitt took control of the band many years ago after Ronnie Radke, the fans could tell slight changes in sound throughout their albums. This album portrays a variety of different sounds. It's slow, fast, experimental, melodic, etc. It was quite an interesting listen. A sad, slow song would end, and then I would be hyped up with an angry, fast song. I would definitely have to say that Mabbitt and the band outdid themselves with this album. The vocals, instruments, lyrics, and everything were superb. I would definitely recommend this album for anyone who trusts a band to make changes in their artistic style-- they pull it off quite well.

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