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The Silver Scream

Ice Nine Kills

Do you like the movie Jaws? How about Friday the 13th? Well, you're in luck, because this album is the one for YOU. If you couldn't already tell by the name of the album, this album is centered around classic horror movie themes. The album consists of several stories centering around more than 10 different horror movie classics. The album release date was October 5, 2018, just weeks before Halloween. This makes the album even more spooky.

Even though the album release was in October, we've already heard two singles off the album: "Thank God it's Friday" and "The American Nightmare." These two tracks were released at the start of Vans Warped Tour '18 (RIP VWT). That being said, we already got a taste for the aesthetic of this album at an early date. These killer tracks (pun intended) were unique and definitely intrigued me for the full album release.

I was not let down. The album as a whole was different. Not only was it a different style and album concept for the band, but it was unique amongst current artists in this metalcore community. Through each song, the listener is taken through a journey and is put in the setting of the specific horror movie theme. Spencer, the lead vocalist, also did an excellent in putting his personality into the theme, and really grasped the theme for each song.


I've honestly only heard similar attempts at albums like this with Green Day and Black Veil Brides. I thought that Ice Nine Kills knocked it out of the park with this album concept, and Spencer's vocal technique and ability throughout this album was superb. 

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