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Memphis May Fire

I had known that this band had been popular for a while, however, I never got into them that much. After I heard about all the publicity this album was getting, I decided to go out and get it. One of the best words to desribe this album is beautiful. I've cried while reading books written to perfection, but it hasn't been a while for me to come across and cry to an album that was written to perfection. Each and every song off Unconditional is beauty in itself, and they all spark different emotions. I'm truly impressed with the intensity and harmony this album was written with. I also enjoyed how there was a few songs that were more soft, and acoustic. 


"Need to Be" is one of the more softer songs from Unconditional, and it is definitely my second favorite song off that album. The first would have to be "Beneath the Skin." Both of these songs send messages that are inspirational. After hearing these songs, I truly wished that they were written when I was going through hard times, because they're that inspirational. They're beautiful and meaningful, and I believe that if anyone were to listen to them, they would see that.


I was also extremely impressed with the vocal talent, as well with the other contributing artists in making of these songs. I can't single out any of the members, because they all did such an amazing job working together on this album, and I'm proud that they have come this far in their music career.


If I were to rank how well this album is written on a scale from 1-10, I would say 100. I love this album. 


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