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Motionless in White

I was fairly impressed with this latest album produced by this band. I haven't listened to Motionless in White in quite some time, and this album led me back to the love I once had for them. 


The vocals done by the band's lead vocalist, Chris Cerulli, are absolutely amazing. His vocals throughout this album actually remind me of Marylin Manson. I definitely favorited his vocals in this album.You can feel Cerulli's emotion and passion flow within the words he sings (or screams) within the songs on this album, and they hit hard for the fans.  


My second favorite aspect of this album was the programing done by Josh Balz. It was absolutely amazing, and tied in beautifully with the rest of the instrumentals. It brings an experimental element to the band's work, and I believe that this especially shines bright within this album. All in all, this album was amazing.

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