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Endless Cycles

Murder In Rue Morgue

Endless Cycles is the perfect album for the avid death metal listener. Murder In Rue Morgue takes listeners through a hard-hitting and skull-crushing experience. If you're a fan of Trivium, VAMPS or Killswitch Engage, this album will have you begging for an encore.

One thing listeners will notice immediately is the instrumental talent in the tracks. Instrumentalists on strings, CJ Carr (guitarist), Dan Ouimette (guitarist), and John Wolff (bassist) produce a strong and in-sync style to every song. I would have preferred more variance in the guitar, as it echoes with the same predictable tunes track after track. However, each song produces the urge to head bang, which is much appreciated. The talent on strings blended with drummer Matthew Biss' style is what helps contribute to make Endless Cycles a solid death metal project. The drumming pattern is unique and intense, which is heard through each song.  

Vocalists Carr and Ouimette also shine bright. The balance between the vocal styles help to tie each track together perfectly. This is where I would say the uniqueness to every track comes into play. The clean vocals are what I enjoy especially, bringing out  melodic and harmonious sound to each song, reminiscent of Trivium's vocalist Matt Heafy. It gives them that extra touch of spice, and truly makes for an intriguing listening experience for fans.

My favorite tracks off Endless Cycles are "My Heart," "Icarus," and the title track "Endless Cycles." These songs showcase the talent and strength of the band the most within this album. For one, every one starts off strong, with hard-hitting riffs. "Icarus" in particular stands out as it's not prefaced with instrumental tracks, but instead is a burst of screaming vocals. It's raw and authentic to this genre's aesthetic. The listener can hear perfectly the influences, yet the band's own take on this particular genre. It's new and appreciated, and I guarantee the next listener to Endless Cycles will not be disappointed. 

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