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Let's Party


REdEFIND packs one hell of a punch in their debut EP, Let’s Party. One thing is for certain, this band loves to have fun with the music they put out. Not only that, but the band’s personality stands out firmly both in the music videos and the audio tracks. It will remind fans of spending Saturday nights with the guys… or the ladies-- it’s definitely a fun time. The music is uplifting in spirit, and also relatable and anthemic in style.  In addition, REdEFIND makes sure their music is perfect for any hard rock or metal fan. It’s definitely a record listeners need to check out immediately. 


The band’s vocalist Jordan Caparell is superb on Let’s Party. His screams come in hard, and the clean vocals bring a harmonious vibe that is refreshing to hear on an EP like this. The versatility and perfect balance in blending these vocal styles comes across effortlessly, and sounds smooth to the ear. Caparell’s passion for the music scene can be heard loud and proud in his voice. It’s something that stands out and wraps the listeners in a warm embrace of some sick sounds.


Instrumentalists are also wild in nature. Sounds entering the ear will leave listeners headbanging and singing along as they enjoy the music. There is solid stability in the music heard throughout this record, and every song is different. Listeners will be faced with heavy-hitting tunes that are some of the best in the numetal scene. Not only that, but they will get a good taste of the more emotional and harmonious side of the band. Don’t let that fool you though, the shredding and barrel pounding is still intense and will leave you wanting to form a mosh pit in your living room. 


There are three music videos that accompany this EP. These visuals help represent “Let’s Party,” “Miss Jackson (If Ur Nasty),” and “Spoiled.” This is where the personality of these members comes to life. Just as much as the band loves to have fun, they also can get serious, too. Intriguing and inspiring to see, REdEFINED is sure to lull their listeners into not only having a fun time, but also standing up for what they believe in and fight against injustices. It’s the best trend to see in this music community.




Starting off this EP is “Dead Boi.” What a great song to kick off with. It comes in with a sonic boom that shakes its listeners with some good music. The screams and growls project here in a way that will remind you of visiting the gorilla pen at a zoo. And, that is a good thing. The auto-tuning is done well on this track. Not only that, but the shredding will lull you into a headbang, as you raise up those horns.


“Let’s Party” is an absolute banger. It’s quite different from the first song, and welcomes a judgment free zone. This song is all about having fun and remembering those nights where you woke up with some of the best hangovers. Caparell’s extended growl though-- gives you goosebumps! The music to go along with the vocals is more raw in nature, too, which goes together perfectly with the whole vibe to the song. This is one hell of a title track, and the music video allows for the band to put themselves out there in the best way possible. 


“Miss Jackson (If Ur Nasty)” brings a new presence to this EP. It’s one of the more serious tracks that can be heard. One thing to note for this track is the clean vocals. They bring peace to the intense lyrics and content matter. It’s brilliantly done, and the lyric video showcases that well. Listeners can see some clips of riots and protests. This helps break up the party aesthetic the band carries, and ignites the urge to get a bit more political instead, a trend that is prominent in the numetal scene. 


“Step Up” is just as heavy hitting as the first track off this EP. The music heard in this track may remind listeners of Attila or Limp Bizkit, but REdEFIND puts their own unique twist on it. This track is uplifting and will make one feel empowered to take a stand, just like the song before. The breakdown especially is going to intrigue the audience. 


Closing out, we have “Spoiled.” The lyrics in this song are not only relatable, but personal to the band. Even though the lyrics carry a heavier weight, the band still likes to have fun with it, which is always pleasant. The high power music is sure to leave fans headbanging and singing along. “Spoiled”  also has a music video to supplement. This music video is classic, as the band is performing in white room, and the band still brings their energy and it’s just as fun to watch. 


This modern nu-metal band is dedicated to keeping this scene alive with their impactful and intense music. With every track comes a new listening experience that is sure to be favored by the community. This debut EP throws a mean curve ball and gives fans a taste of what REdEFIND is all about. It is highly recommended to check out these songs, you won’t be disappointed. 

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