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Tainted Timeline

Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane, the lead vocalist to The Violet Stones, has released a solo album and it's to die for. Tainted Timeline brings a unique twist to the grunge genre, and we're living for it. The SoundChick has proven time and time again that music doesn't have to be too intense to be considered hard rock or metal, but this album brings an exciting new theory to this stance. Sarah Jane effectively twists soft and hard grunge styles, bringing an abundance of joy and perfect tracks for everyone to enjoy. 

Vocally, Sarah Jane does an incredible job throughout this solo album. Her style is chilling and carries the emotion significantly within each track. Jane's sound mixes well with the instrumentals incorporated. The way these various components of her album are portrayed is what allows for this album to stand out so much. For the most part, Jane comes across clean and collected. However, instrumentally, it can bring a soft or hard grunge aesthetic appeal. The entire album is quite significant, but there are several tracks I favor. 

Tainted Timeline kicks off with "Sleepwalking." This song is loud. It has that hard grunge appeal to it, and the listeners are sure to get eager to hear the rest of the album. Opposite to other reviews I've conducted, I was unable to fully grasp the album within "Sleepwalking." Usually the first track prefaces the rest of the album. It's different with Sarah Jane's music as each song is an unrepeatable sound. 

"Bully" is an emotional track off this album for me to listen to. The soft strumming with the subtle drum thump within the beginning of this track lures the listener in, and it does not disappoint. The aggression builds as it progresses, and comes in with a sonic boom of pure grunge enjoyment. The raw edge that is contributed here is one that's definitely favored by the fans of this genre. It's arguably one of my favorite tracks off Tainted Timeline

One of the more unique songs off this album is "The Kids." The soft lullaby tune flowing off the keys of the piano lulls the listener to a melancholic state. It's safe to say that intense emotion is packed in this track. It's done wonderfully, and I'm greatly appreciative of this move to be bold and include a song like this on the album. One of the things I love about Sarah Jane's music is you never know what you're going to get, but you know it's going to be amazing. Go on and listen to the album for yourself, I promise you won't regret it. 

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