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Rockstar Energy World Tour

February 23, 2015

The first band to play was PVRIS. Personally, I don't favor female leads in bands, and for the most part I tend to stay away from them. Most of the time, female leads tend to make themselves to be more edgy than they really need to be. However, PVRIS was not like those other bands. Their performance was strong. As soon as they started playing, they got the crowd hyped and motivated. My favorite member of this band to watch on stage, was the drummer. You could tell that he himself was really getting into the songs that they were playing by the way he was playing. However, I didn't favor how short their set was. I would've definitely liked to have seen them play a little longer-- I was begining to get really into them.


The next band to perform was Mallory Knox. This tour was their first American tour, and honestly, I really hope they play here again. I enjoyed their performance a lot, and I could tell that the rest of the crowd was as well. They came onto the stage ready to rock out and have a great time, and that's exactly what they did. The music that they played was also on key and perfect. They were actually better than PVRIS. The lead and backup vocals are probably what I enjoyed hearing the most during their set. What was also nice, is that they played most of their latest CD, "Asymmetry," so I could get a feel for what the entire album was going to be like. After their performance, I went straight down to buy that CD, I loved their performance that much.


The third band to go on was Sleeping with Sirens. Even though I have tried several times to actually get to see this band live, it just never really worked out, so I was really anticipating their performance. After the show, it was really hard for me to decide which performance I liked better, Mallory Knox or Sleeping with Sirens. The answer would have to be that it is a tie. Sleeping with Sirens' performance was amazing. I really got into it. The first thing I could say is, that I really enjoyed the huge screens they put up on the stage. On them during their performance, was either close up  camera videos of the band, or their logo. I also really enjoyed that they played a few acoustic songs during their set, not many bands within this genre would do that, and I really liked how they mellowed things down for a few minutes. They also used the two screens during these performances to show close ups on Kellin's face as he sang. It actually added depth to the song, and made it more intense for the audience. My favorite song that they played would have to have been, "Kick Me." This song is off of their upcomming album, "Madness." After watching and hearing them perform this song on stage, it really got me excited for when I'll see them go on tour after the CD release. 


Finally, Pierce the Veil was the last band to perform. First of all, their stage set up took about 45 minutes, which is 25 minutes too long. However, they did make the anticipation stronger. That being said, I have never really listened to Pierce the Veil that much, and I really didn't know any song that they performed. However, from an outcast's opinion, I really enjoyed their performance. Their music wasn't really my thing, but I enjoyed their enthusiasm, and their stage set up was definitely one of the best that I have seen. They had about 3 back drops during the performance, and many different lighting, smoke, and sound features to go along with it. I really enjoyed how the band was hyped and having a great time, because the crowd was definitely having a great time. This crowd would definitely have to be one of four crowds that I have seen really get into a band live. Definitely loved the experience and performance each band gave turing their shows. 

Hall of the Elders at Swayze's

January 31, 2015

I've always loved this band. Ever since I met the lead singer waiting in line for the Black Craft Tour at the Masquerade, and the first time I listened to their first EP. This band is the sole reason why I came out to the show on January 31st. I'm glad I did, because the performance this band put on was amazing. 


The first two bands were decent, they put on a relatively good performance. Although, Hall of the Elders were the ones who got the crowd engaged, motivated, excited, etc. It was funny to watch a crowd of people stand 10 feet from the stage for the previous acts, and then almost be on top of the stage for Hall of the Elders. I loved it. They brought out their own lights, and vibe that made the show unique and intriguing.


At first, I was a little skeptical of Swayze's. The venue is smaller than most, and I honestly didn't think they would get much attraction playing at the venue because the crowds wouldn't be as massive. However, I stood corrected that night, and it only proves the quote, "don't judge a book by its cover." I understand why they play there now. The ambiance was perfect, and the artwork, lighting, rules of the venue (yes, there were rules. One of them being you have to be absolutely nice to one another.), and staff were amazing. Even though this band put on a fantastic performance for the Swayze's crowd, I do believe they should play at the Masquerade. At the Masquerade, shows sell out every time, and they could greater their following. I really hope this band goes far in the music industry of post-hardcore-electronic-metalcore, and I'm really glad I got into them.

Black Mass Tour

December 4, 2014

When I first found out about this tour, I got super excited. I had previously seen both Black Veil Brides and Falling in Reverse twice before, and loved their performances. However, I wasn't familiar with the other two bands performing along with these two bands. These bands were Drama Club and Set it Off. I decided not to listen to these two bands before the show. I thought it would be best if seeing them live would be a better experience and a better way for me to be able to critique them efficiently.


Drama Club was the opening band for the show. Honestly, I was really surprised at their performance. They were more of a dubstep group, and their style of music wasn't consistent with the rest of the acts of the night. I would like to add that the band was a great pump up band. It really got the crowd in the mood. I would also like to say that the first time that Drama Club went on, and yes I did say the first time, the crowd really seemed to be into them. This, also was a bit surprising, just by knowing the crowd. The second time that the band went on, was to kill time while roadies were setting up for Falling in Reverse. I was if not equally, but more surprised that they played twice. I've just never seen that at a show before, it was different. I do think I would've liked it more if the band's music style was consistent with the other three bands. Atleast while playing the "filler band" part.


The next band to perform was Set it Off. I really enjoyed this band. This band reminds me a lot of Get Scared. Actually Set it Off's lead vocalist, Cody Carson, is extremely similar to Get Scared's lead vocalist, Nick. That's what made me enjoy their performance so much. The band put on a great show, their song choices were perfect for their performance. You could tell that each of the members on that stage were there to have fun and to play good music. I am, however, a little disappointed in the crowd. I'm not saying that the crowd was horrible. They just went through a pattern of being great, then not so great, and I personally believe that the band deserved a better crowd. They played a great show, and if a fan of another band didn't want to contribute to the fun, then they should have gotten out of the crowd. Other than that, it was a great performance.


Falling in Reverse was the next band to perform. I was a little bit surprised of this performance. Just a little though. After seeing them twice before, and knowing that I loved those two performances, I knew I was going to have a blast at their performance at this show, and I did. It was just a few remarks Ronnie said here and there that through me off. I never saw him act that way live before, however, it didn't surprise me. So it wasn't that big of an issue for me, it just rubbed me the wrong way. Aside from that, I would definitely like to point out that the performances Falling in Reverse did of past songs, were great, as well as past songs from Escape the Fate. I just wish Craig were there to sing along with Ronnie, however that only happened during their Bury the Hatchet Tour a year ago. I think my favorite song the band played was "The Drug in Me is You." They had an eight year old boy come up onto the stage, and sing along with the band. It was really sweet and cute to watch.


Of course the last band to perform was Black Veil Brides. All I could say is the band put on a great show. Honestly, it was probably my favorite show of theirs I've been to. Their stage set up was huge, and the drums were set up high above the stage. It was different compared to their past stage setups, it was unique. One thing I would've changed in the band's performance was if they were to sing more songs off of their new album, BVB IV. However, the songs that they played off of past albums were performed well. I definitely enjoyed them again, for the third time. One thing I have to mention, is that CC, the band's drummer, is amazingly talented. During the band's set, CC had a drum solo, and it was superb. CC had never done any drum solos in their past performances, and all I can say is that I hope they continue to let CC show off his talent more. The band truly put on an amazing show, and there is no doubt that there will be another review of them.

Not Your American Idols Tour

October 11, 2014

After hearing about this tour, I had to get tickets. The Masquerade was the first venue date when Capture the Crown went on their first tour two years ago. I unfortunately missed the first performance from Youth in Revolt. However, I did manage to see the remaining acts of Myka, Relocate,  Palisades, Ice Nine Kills, For All Those Sleeping, and the head liner Capture the Crown.


Myka, Relocate was probably one of the best performances I saw at this show. During their performance, the vocalists, Michael and John, were amazing. Not only that, but they were engaging with the band. Their crowd started off small, but as they continued playing, it got bigger, which only ensures that this band is really good. I had never seen or heard the band before, and I definitely will be listening to them more often and will be attending more of their shows. 


The second band I saw was Palisades. They were pretty amazing for another band I had never heard of. Even though I don't prefer rap music, they played "Turn Down for What" by DJ Snake & Lil John and played along with it. This really really helped engage the crowd and got them pumped for the rest of their performance. My favorite song that Palisades played was definitely, "Outcasts." This song was inspirational, motivational, and amazing. I really enjoyed the song. The band also performed a new song off of their upcoming album, which will be posted to my YouTube account shortly. The song, itself, was pretty good. However, it didn't really stand out from the rest of their songs that they performed, in terms of their rythm was very similar in every song. This doesn't mean I didn't like their performance. I really enjoyed all of the songs they played, they just all sounded very similar in rythm.


Next I saw Ice Nine Kills. Now, I had never been all too fond of this band, however I really enjoyed the start of their performance. They had great vocals, and great songs for the first 10-15 minutes of their set. The remaining time of their set seemed to get old, and it really didn't do it for me.


Now, the day before this show, For All Those Sleeping announced that this was their final tour and that they would not be performing anymore after November. Hearing this news, as any other fan in this industry of music, I was devistated. This band is full of a wonderful group of guys who created great music, who wouldn't be saddened by this news? I also got worried for the sake of their performance. I have seen a show before where it was the band's last show. Half of the band didn't show up, they were rude to each other on stage, and most of the time crying. Not that I thought that a band full of amazing guys and great friends was going to ruin the night with their "big breakup," I just worried that there would always be that possibility. However, this was not the case for this band, and I was so impressed with the way the band held themselves together. They played many of their newest songs off of their latest album, Incomplete Me. I really liked how they did that. They went on with the show like they weren't breaking up, and then after the show did a signing and hung out with fans. That's the way you're to do a last-time performance: keepin' it cool. I really enjoyed the band's overall performance, but was however, saddened that this performance was the last time I would see a great performance by this band. 


Lastly, I saw Capture the Crown. Now, the first time I saw this band was two years ago on their first tour. That performance by them, was what got me into their band. They're a great Australian metalcore band, and I really like them a lot. However, I was somewhat offended with how they presented themselves during the first two-three songs of their performance. They came out with white masks, and presented themselves as terrorists. Yes, I get that their latest album is the Reign of Terror, but you have to know your audience and the country you're playing in to come out onto the stage dressed like that. Now that being said, I would like to say that I really enjoyed their performance. They were definitely one of my favorite performances, music wise. Probably my favorite song that they played would be "Oxy Sunrise." This song has a great story behind it, and I always enjoyed hearing it. Capture the Crown always play a great set and I cannot wait until the next time I see them.

Airborne Toxic Event Fall Tour 2014

September 29, 2014

As most of you know by now, I typically review heavier bands, and I wouldn't necassarily go to this type of concert. However, my close friend took me to the show. All I have to say is, the show that Airborne Toxic Event put on was amazing. I absolutely don't regret going.


Now, of course they had an opening act. In the Valley Below. Well, I may not be into the valley, but I am in to the drummer of this group. The drummer is amazingly talented. I am, however, a little disappointed he is playing for this group. He has amazing potential, and you can tell by the way he plays on stage, and how much he's into the music, that he loves what he does. You could tell that he wanted to break free, and wanted to play a different beat to every song. The drummer, by far, was my favorite person of this band, and the most interesting to watch.


Lastly, I will be reviewing Airborne Toxic Event. These guys put on an amazing show. Now, that says a lot coming from a person who wants to go into a Wall of Death and knock someone's teeth out. Unlike the act before, these guys engaged with the audience. The crowd was either singing along with the band, or jumping up and down. You could tell that the band was having as much fun as the crowd was, they were smiling throughout the entire show. It was really awesome to see a band enjoy what they do so much.

Now, for the music. It was amazing. The vocals came off clean and were easy to understand. My favorite songs the band performed were "Wishing Well" and "Missy." During both of the performances, the band went all in. It kind of reminded me of seeing one of my favorite bands. I also enjoyed seeing individual members of the band would have solos.

Now, being a girl, it was really cool to see another girl up on stage rockin' it out. Anna, one girl out of four guys, is probably one of the most talented members in the entire band. Each member is talented, don't get me wrong, but seeing her up on stage play three different instruments, plus vocals, it was awesome. Her talent and bright smile brings so much to the band, and I enjoyed very much watching her.

 All in all, everything was perfect about this band. By far, each and every member, is talented. These guys deserve way more recognition than what they're given. I'm absolutely looking forward to listening to their previous albums, as well as any upcoming albums. Definitely if you haven't listened to them, go listen to them right now. I'm sure you won't regret it.


September 20, 2014

The Replacements played at Forest Hills Stadium in New York City. Even though the venue may have not been my favorite, the show each band put on was truly to die for. I missed the first band, Deer Tick, but got to see last two acts of the night. 


The Hold Steady was a little slow at first. You could tell that they had been playing music for a little while, yet no one at the venue knew who they were. Well, maybe a few. However, as their set progrossed, they became more interesting. Their style is more of an alternative-punk band. I definitely enjoyed their last 20 minutes of their set. 


Lastly, the Replacements put on an amazing show. It was the best I've ever seen them. It was the first time I had seen the whole band sober, and actually smiling and enjoying the show just as much as the crowd. The band definitely sounds better live when they're sober. They weren't throwing as many fits on stage, and they didn't show up late for the set time either. Which that part was really nice. Overall, I really enjoyed this performance by them this time. This performance was even better than when they played with Billie Joe Armstrong in Atlanta for Shaky Knees. And that takes a lot to say. I definitely hope to see them on tour again soon.


Warped Tour '14

July 25, 2014

Most of the bands I saw at Warped Atlanta, were only seen for half of their set. I did this so that I could see more bands performing. Even if I didn't see other bands playing, I did get to hear them in the background while walking to other stages during the concert. It would be an understatement to say that all of the bands that played are talented. They're extremely talented.


The Story so Far put on an amazing performance. This was the first I've seen them, and they were perfect. Parker, the lead vocalist, kept the crowd engaged in the performance by throwing my the mic out multiple times into the crowd to let a fan sing some of the song. It was definitely a cool experience.


Attila was the second performance I saw. I listened to their latest album before I went, so I pictured what it would be like to see them live. It was amazing. Not just because it was raining, but because Chris is a talented musician and can definitely keep a crowd engaged by just saying "hello." It was a really great performance for my first time seeing them.


Waiting to see Falling in Reverse, I watched Yellow Card. I had never listened to their music, or even heard of them. I was really impressed with their performance. The band also had Rodrigo Palmo from Saves the Day play with them during the performance. All in all, a great performance.


Next was Falling in Reverse. First of all, they had a really big crowd. They got the whole mosh pit area of the stage, the people sitting in the seats, and on the lawn engaged in their performance. I was really surprised. They definitely had the biggest crowd that I saw all day. As always they always put on a great performance. I'm never disappointed in their shows.


Knowing that Breathe Carolina had Kyle leave, I was a little skeptical of how good their performance their was going to be. As expected when they played their old songs, they didn't sound as good as they would have been before. Although, I had never listened to their new music, so when I heard them play it, I was really surprised. It was really good. As long as they don't play their old songs, they will be good.


Walking along to the next performance, I saw Corrin Campbell. I only watched her performance for about 10 minutes, but for those 10 minutes, she played beautifully. I was really glad I got to see her, even though it was for a little bit.


Teenage Bottlerocket was a surprising performance. They were a great punk band. I really enjoyed their performance. Their performance and style remined me much of the Ramones, Replacements, or GreenDay. Definitely a band I will be checking into for great tunes.


The last band I saw at Warped was Get Scared. I've seen them before, and loved their performance. As expected, the band put on a great performance.  Each member in the band are all so amazingly talented, and I love to see their performance and new music they produce.

Journey & Steve Miller Band Tour '14

May 31, 2014

Rock classics Journey and Steve Miller Band went on tour together for the first time this year. I caught them at Aaron's Apmpitheatre in Atlanta, Georgia. 


They put on amazing show. Steve Miller Band was really good, especially given their age.  But Journey was amazing. They might have been the "real Journey" if Steve Perry had play with them, but their current singer, Arnel Pineda, is extremely talented. I definitely feel that the band made a wise choice in who they chose for their new lead vocals. It was also really amazing to see a kid so ecstatic to play with a band.  Awesome concert experience!

Shaky Knees Fest Atlanta '13

May 12, 2014

Unfortunately, out of this three day festival, I only got to see Airborne Toxic Event and the Replacements. But both of these bands that I saw, made it an amazing show and I couldn't have picked any other two bands to listen to that were playing at this festival. 

Airborne Toxic Event isn't my favorite band, however, I knew enough of their songs to watch them perform. Their performance was really good, and my respect for them changed after seeing them. They're definitely a good band.

First of all, it was shocking that the Replacements continuing to play at several other festivals. I mainly went to see the Replacements, and I'm glad I did. When they came on, they played a few songs just as the band, then unexpectadly, they brought up Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. Billie Joe continued to play with the band until the end of the show. I was really excited to see this performance because Green Day is my favorite band, and I really like the Replacements. It was the concert of my dreams. I will never forget these two amazing performances by these bands.

American Dream Tour

March 8, 2014

This show really was the American dream. The bands that Of Mice & Men and Bring Me the Horizon chose to accompany them on this tour were perfect. They picked Letlive and Issues. Unfortunately, I missed Letlive, but Issues were amazing. I had only heard a few songs by them before, and after seeing them play, I fell in love. They were definitely my second favorite band that played at that show.


Of Mice & Men put on a pretty good performance. I was hoping that they were going to play more songs off their new album, Restoring Force, but most of their songs came from their past albums. They still put on a great show as always. 


Bring Me the Horizon was the best band of the night. They played most of their new album, Sempiternal, and only few old songs. Their performances just get better and better, as you'd expect from a great band.

Bury the Hatchet Tour

January 29, 2014

This tour was produced for Ronnie Radke, singer of Falling in Reverse, to make amends with Craig Mabbit, singer in his former band, Escape the Fate. Survive This! and Chelsea Grin rounded out the show, for a truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it definitely won't be forgotten. 


My least favorite band of the night was Survive This! They're a new band, and I didn't know any of their songs. Because of this, their performance didn't speak to me. After their performance, however, I did get to meet the band and they seem like really cool and interesting people. I'm sure their popularity will skyrocket soon. They just didn't hit it off with me at that particular show.


When Falling in Reverse came on as the final performance of the night, Ronnie brought Craig up to sing old Escape the Fate songs. It was really amazing to see these two singers cooperate together, and sing together for their fans. Definitely one of my favorite concert experiences.


Riot Fest Chicago '13

September 16, 2013

The bands I saw during the thre-day festival were Blondie, Violent Femmes, All Time Low, AFI, and the Replacements. I also saw a little bit of Blink-182, but the crowd was so massive that I wasn't able to catch their entire performance. My favorite bands I saw were All Time Low, AFI, and the Replacements.


All Time Low's performance was almost as solid as Green Day, earning mad respect. I also enjoyed how they brough Vic Fuentes up and sang "Love Like War" together. That was definitely the best song the played.


AFI was amazing. I've gone through AFI phases in the past and after hearing them play at Riot Fest, my love for them resurfaced and I haven't stopped listening to them sincee.


The Replacements show was an amazing experience. Being an 80s band and resurfacing to do this festival was epic. They maintained their reputation of being "drunk jerks," but that didn't stop them for playing amazing music. They were the last band on the last day of the festival. Superb way to end a three day festival of great music.

Warped Tour '13

July 26, 2013

My favorite bands at Warped Tour were Black Veil Brides, GoldHouse, the Summer Set, Never Shout Never, and Bring Me the Horizon. Out of the dozens of bands on the schedule, these four definitely put on an amazing show for their fans. 


The last time I saw Black Veil Brides, Andy Biersack was sick and the crowd had to sing most of the songs to fill in for him. This time, however, Andy was full force and didn't disappoint.


GoldHouse is a fairly new electronic-pop band a bit out of the genre. But they were amazing, high-energy, and played to the crowd. I had the privelege of watching them backstage, and I can tell you the energy was through the roof.


The Summer Set put on a terrific show, for not being a favorite band. I was impressed with how drummers from other bands flocked around the backdrop to watch drummer Jess Bowen. I had previously only heard the band on the radio, but they were definitely better live. Great performance indeed.


Never Shout Never is my favorite acoustic band, and their performance at Warped Tour was amazing. Their music is definitely uplifting and peaceful and worth a listen, no matter what genre you prefer.


Bring Me the Horizon played last, due to another band's missing tour bus. Because of this, they had the biggest crowd of the Tour that day. Their performance was an amazing way to end the day. Couldn't have picked a better band.

Fuck it, We're Done Tour

May 17, 2013

This show was heartbreaking, as it was Attack Attack!'s last tour. The bands that accompanied Attack Attack! were, in order, Closer to Closure, DangerKids, Get Scared, and the Plot in You -- all completely different music compared to Attack Attack!. 


Out of all the opening bands, I definitely feel DangerKids were the best. They were new, and hadn't even released an album yet during the process of getting signed. The Plot in You was the worst band that played. The only people who didn't disperse from the crowd during their performance were the people who came for the mosh pit isntead of the music. I feel like the show would've been better without their performance.


When Attack Attack! played,  lead singer Caleb Shomo refused to do the tour. Due to this, they had replacement singers. It wasn't the same without Caleb, but they pulled through for their fans and made the night amazing. At the end of the concert, the rest of the band stayed outside the venue and talked with fans for a couple of hours. A respectful group of rockers.

Of Mice & Men Tilly's Tour '13

January 29, 2013

This show was the first of five, and it was amzing. The bands that performed, in order, were Capture the Crown, Texas in July, Volumes, Woe is Me, and Of Mice & Men. 


My least favorite bands that played were Volumes and Texas in July. At the time I didn't know these bands very well, and their performances didn't inspire me to dig deeper.


My favorite bands that played were Capture the Crown and Of Mice & Men. This tour was Capture the Crown's first tour, and since the tour I have continued to fall in depper in love with their sound. 


Of Mice & Men played almost every song off their new album, The Flood, at this performance. The only other song they played was "Second and Sebring." It was their finale song and it was amazing. Great way to end the night!

Church of the Wild Ones Tour

January 17, 2013

This show was my first time seeing Black Veil Brides live, and everything was perfect to me. Their opening singer was William Control, who nailed it as opening band for Black Veil Brides. Similar vibe, but more electeonic, his performance was really cool.


When Black Veil Brides came on, they played most of their songs from their past two albums, We Stitch These Wounds and Set the World on Fire. The songs that they played from their new album, Wretched and Divine, were mainly transitional songs and the playlist worked well for them. Lead vocalist Andy Biersack was sick and most of the crowd had to sing to fill in for Andy. But I'm really impressed that even having lost his voice, Andy still came on and performed to the best of his abilities. Definitely ranked them high in my books for class and dedication to their music and fans.

Breathe Carolina Tilly's Show '12

November 4, 2012

When Tilly's first opened in North Point Mall, in Georgia, Tilly's had several bands play. Breathe Carolina, however, couldn't make that performance. They set up another day to play at Tilly's to make up that performance.


This was the first performance I've seen of Breathe Carolina, and I loved it! After their performance, everyone got to line up and meet the band. I stayed and talked with both David and Kyle for a while, and they both seemed like really talented and sweet guys.


After I saw them play at Tilly's, I started buying their CDs and listening to them constantly. I was disappointed, however, to find out that Kyle Evan was leaving the group. I do hope he moves on, and continues to make great music, and as for Breathe Carolina, I look forward to hearing more music from them soon.

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