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Some Scary Shit

Wasted Pretty

If you're a fan of punk music and you live life on the rebellious side, Wasted Pretty is the band for you. Get ready for the band's latest EP release, because this is one you're sure to remember. Fans can expect some heavier styles, darker lyrics, and well, some scary shit. It may be only two tracks, but Wasted Pretty does not disappoint. Be sure to look out, because these tracks are too good to pass up. 

Right off the bat, the listener can hear influences from the early punk bands, such as The Replacements. This allows for that authentic style and sound to flow freely throughout the band's music. Instrumentally, this is where you can hear the raw and edgy strumming or drum rolls within Some Scary Shit. With the new aggression added to the band's music, it makes for a more raw listening experience. As it reminisces the good punk days, it makes you hopeful for what Wasted Pretty can do for the modern-day punk scene. 

The band's vocalist, Ginger Knauer "Ginger Sky" kills it within these two tracks. If you've had a chance to listen to the band's previous EP [Sucks Being Underage], you would be able to hear how she's evolving as an artist and growing in talent. Personally, I think it would be interesting to see her try some vocal styles heard in GRLWood, she could pull that off well with her own spin on it. Ginger Sky's talent blended with her brother, Joey Knauer's [bassist, backup vocalist], makes for a great pair. These two partners in crime portray the mischievous and rebellious passion behind the lyrics, and it's to die for when it comes to their music. It adds that extra bit of spice in the vocals that the avid punk listener will grow fond of, especially, when mixing their sound with the instrumentals, it's catchy and devilishly good.

I've been following this band for a while now, and I've known them to have a couple of lineup changes. I'm ecstatic with this rendition of Wasted Pretty. The addition of Mike Staton on the drums fits well for the band. I have no doubt in my mind that this trio will go far in the music industry. You can check out the band's latest video for "Vampires And Lip Gloss," and more music they've released here. So, go and give them a listen, because you're definitely going to want to catch these guys live. 

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