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Shitpost 2: Angry Shit

 Bleach Boy

Well, I think I stated it on the first review I did of Bleach Boy, but I'll say it again: Bleach Boy is a satirical musician. It is purely done for "shits and giggles." This goes for any type of music, but if you can't handle that style, then you should move along. Bleach Boy gets down and dirty with his call outs, only the realest need apply here. 

Shitpost 2 has come a long way since the the first release of Shitpost. Yes, this album might have all been done for the love of music and for pure fun-- however, it is clear that there was a pivotal change in the process from the original. The call outs have gotten better, and the beats can knock the socks off of any other SoundCloud rapper. The way Bleach Boy makes music should change the way you view it. Success isn't based off of sincerity, it can be comical, too. If you are an uprising SoundCloud and you're trying to pull of the same technique as this artist, take notes. He's got it down, and his music can definitely show you a thing or two. 

For somebody who doesn't tend to listen to this kind of music, or really go on SoundCloud at all, listening to musicians like this, makes it worth a go. I remember when I interviewed Bleach Boy, and he confided in me that he didn't want to make a living out of it-- that he was really just doing it for the fun of it. I'm here to tell you that he could honestly make a living out of this. For a SoundCloud rapper to process this talent and beat-making skill, it should be intriguing to any leading label. 

Obviously, there are a few select favorites of mine that are off this album: 1) SMD (Prod. CRYSTAL BEATZ), 2) Expelicus Bitchicus, and 3) BOTS (Prod. ESKRY). I believe that these songs showcase Bleach Boy's talent the most throughout the album. It's catchy, like you're going to walk into you mom's kitchen singing, "Suck my dick, you're just a prick," kind of catchy. It is clear that the music of Bleach Boy isn't one to be taken too seriously. It's music that you should play at a house party, or maybe during the dirty fight with your girlfriend. Either way, you're going to like it. 

If you're looking for a change in your music taste, give this rapper a chance, because he deserves one more depressed follower. 

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