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Attila Will be Releasing a New Album Soon

Attila released today that they will be releasing their upcoming album, Guilty Pleasure, on November 24th. Chris Fronzack, the vocalist of the band shares that there still will be some party hits, as well as songs that release a lot of emotion and feeling within the new album. To listen to snip-its of the album, go to their instagram page @attila_ga. Below is the track list for Guilty Pleasure.

1. "Pizza, Sex and Trolls"

2. "Hate Me"

3. "Rebel"

4. "Guilty Pleasure"

5. "I've Got Your Back"

6. "Proving Grounds"

7. "I Am Satan"

8. "Break My Addiction"

9. "Horsepig"

10. "Dirty Dirty"

11. "Fake Friends"

12. "Don't Be Basic"

13. "The Cure"

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