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This week The SoundChick brings its followers another batch of killer artists. If you read last week's review for "#SaveOurChildren" by December Screams Embers (ft. Craig Mabbitt), you might be interested here. Tune in below to hear an in-depth chat with the guys from DSE, and all about their experience working with Mabbitt and what the single meant to them. In addition to them, The SoundChick had the wonderful opportunity to speak with a couple of the members from The Letter Black. We talk about the band's music, and what it means to be a female-fronted band in the Christian metal music scene. It's definitely an interesting chat, filled with some great laughs.

If you're more into grunge or punk music, these reviews will intrigue you. Wasted Pretty, another female-fronted band, packs a mean punch with their new EP, Some Scary Shit. Wasted Pretty might be a teenage band, but these musicians are going places, and will make serious headway in the current punk scene. Not only that, but Radio Aftermath also brings something thrilling with their latest single, "We Eat The Buffalo." Either way, these artists have brought us something to head bang and jam along to for hours. As always, links will be provided below for easy access.




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