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Interviews + Reviews Galore!

If you're into bands that produce aggressive music to benefit a cause, this week's bands are the ones for you. For interviews, The SoundChick spoke with Sanity/Switch and Chariot Arcana this week. Both of these bands write music to help bring awareness to topics such as mental health, and other human rights issues going on in our society at the moment. Make sure to stay tuned for a full-length interview with Chariot Arcana to be aired on The Mosh Pit podcast in a few weeks, it's definitely one you're going to want to check out.

When it comes to reviews, this week's features do not disappoint. These various bands bring an aggressive and satisfactory listening experience with their music. Not only that, but there's some upcoming artists that are working on new music, such as Away With The Seas and Pint + Blister. If you're in the England region, you will definitely appreciate those two bands. As always, links will be placed below for easy access.

*DISCLAIMER: One of these interviews features a band signed with Misanthropik Records. This label and The SoundChick have partnered together to bring our fans the best metal has to offer. Please stay tuned for more interviews or reviews featuring some more bands off this label.*



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