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This Week Includes a Special Pre-Release Review

Atlanta-based metalcore band, Actus Reus, is about to release the nastiest track of the year. "Cultist" follows in the unique "Jimmy" storyline the band is pulling off, however, there's a twist with this new single. Not only that, but it features Taylor Barber from Left To Suffer. The SoundChick had the exciting opportunity to take a listen and leave a few remarks about this song before its release. Make sure to check out the review below, and definitely make sure to come back on October 31 when the music video for "Cultist" will be added to the website. Trust me, you definitely don't want to miss out on this track.

Also featured this week are a couple of interviews and one more review. The bands interviewed were Dying Oath and Away With The Seas. Dying Oath is a female fronted metalcore band that loves to get a little spooky with their music. During our discussion, we talk about how the band is sponsored and plays at various haunted house attractions and more. Away With The Seas is a rising British metalcore band that you are going to want to check out ASAP. These guys truly know how to bring mental health awareness into the music they make. We talk about their passions into the mental health and music scenes, and what their aspirations are as a band. Finally, we have a review for Sarah Janes latest project, Tainted Timeline. If you enjoy authentic grunge and punk music, you will appreciate what Jane has done with this. Please feel free to access any of these below.




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