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This Week's Features Are Crazy, Man

Even though all of the bands spotlighted this week fall into different genres, they all hit hard for their listeners. If you enjoy music that's nu-metal, alternative rock, or death metal, you will enjoy the bands covered. One that is picking up quite the attraction is the interview with HeadTrip Trauma, however, all three of these artists are worth checking out. As per usual, you can access the interviews or reviews below. The SoundChick would like to thank those continuing to check out what's in store on this website. If there are any suggestions or comments, please feel free to inbox me.

*DISCLAIMER: Some of these postings included bands signed with Misanthropik Records. This label and The SoundChick have partnered to bring our fans the best metal has to offer. Please stay tuned for more interviews or reviews featuring bands signed under this label.*



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