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A Couple of Interviews and More!

This week is a bit unique, as every band featured is different from the last. Artists spotlighted were Ash To Dust, Hyperia, and Better Anyway. Ash To Dust and Hyperia are two metal bands that would satisfy any death or thrash metal listener. You can listen to their interviews below to learn more about these musicians and the music they make. In addition to the two interviews, there's a review for Low, But Looking Up by Better Anyway. This pop-punk band takes an interesting approach with this EP, and it's what us avid music fanatics are here for. Every track off this project takes the listener through a unique listening experience, and brings acoustic into play when it comes to the pop-punk genre. It's definitely one you should check out below.



*DISCLAIMER: The SoundChick and Misanthropik Records are partnered together to bring our fans the best metal has to offer. Please stay tuned for more artist interviews or music reviews featuring the bands off this label.*


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